“Karabo Mokoena” -her Death Could Have Been Prevented, ReelTalk

“Karabo Mokoena” -her Death Could Have Been Prevented, ReelTalk


Any form of Violence against at women which eventually results in death is referred to as FEMICIDE.

Karabo Mokoena was 22 years when went missing for two weeks. Friends and Family were worried sick as nobody could reach her or even knew where she was. Then the worst happened when her dead body was found, burnt beyond recognition, lying in a shallow Grave in Lyndhurst, Johannesburg in South Africa.

She was allegedly killed by her Boyfriend, 27, who tried to cover up the murder by burning her beyond recognition and burying her in shallow grave where she was found.

Her death was a shock to many as she was the active type. She had an intense fight with her Boyfriend in a Sandton Night club on April 27, which was just hours before she went missing.

The 22 years old’s death has instigated an international response especially on the Media world as people all over the world were outraged by the story.

Her  Boyfriend of Seven months has denied killing her, but accepts the fact that he disposed off her body due to fear that people would not believe that he didn’t kill her. –Police sources report.

He said in his account that “he left Karabo in his apartment and on coming back found her dead, but didn’t know who killed her

He panicked and thought people would think he killed her and so he stuffed her body into his BMW car and drove to his family house in Lyndhurst. He picked up a Tyre, acid and container of petrol which he used to drouse her  body in Bramley before he Buried her.

Meanwhile, as friends and Family took to express their sadness on Social Media, Nigerian singer and song writer, Eniola Akinbo, popularly known as Niyola, took to upload a screen grab of  a chat between her and Karabo when the deaceased was still alive.

Niyola revealed that her friend Karabo had been battered many times by her boyfriend but she refused to leave despite external advices from concerned friends.

This backed up facts that Karabo was in an abusive relationship and would have been alive today if she Left her abuser… her death would have been prevented.

She was always the Victim but she stayed because of “LOVE”, well Love can be anything, but love is never abusive or painful.

The best way to stop Abuse is to run away from it. Don’t ever put your live at the mercy of an Abuser, He might end up ending you for good.