Kim The Real deal! No Air Brushing Here

Kim The Real deal! No Air Brushing Here


Real or not real, Kim Kardashian west is being applauded by some women for sharing unedited pictures of   herself wearing a thong bikini and a cropped top. Kim was in her element as usual, doing what she knows best to do, flaunting her assets. These pictures are totally un-airbrushed.


Kim, being applauded by some woman for sharing the un-airbrushed pictures is something I totally get. I  understand why some feel the need to actually give her the thumbs up for this. Personally I actually  jumped up, called a friend of mine, told her to go check our alias ‘sister in’. I mean it makes you feel really good to see a model of perfection like kim, well a model of perfection, unflawed features  and the works as always presented by most celebrities . what  we are made to see, as you always see are flawless pictures all over the internet, in as much as you know these pictures are airbrushed, it still leaves you with a feeling of body insecurity, not that i dwell on it but come on, every woman at one time or another, always wish they had this or that body which is just simply woman by nature.


You know how you are made to feel for a long time when you see all those ‘perfect’ pictures of celebrities on  social media. Kim has just made us see how they all really look like as we have always known for real. The truth is  at the end of the day our bodies are just as perfect as the next model sitting by you or standing by you, only difference is that they are in the job of airbrushing to look a certain way. It’s really refreshing when  you see pictures of celebrities in real form, just goes a long way to not only reassure all women on what we see as imperfections are actually perfections. the only imperfections are the airbrushed ones.

What actually got me exhaling here has to do with the last time I went on holiday and I went lounging by the poolside, everytime I would want to go for a dip in the cool water, I had to always continually drag my sarong around me. Why … to cover up my cellulite, I was so conscious of this natural woman flaw all through my holiday that I always trawl the internet to find a lasting solution.

So you can understand my moment of elation  today when I saw the real Kim Kardashian West. I  feel good. I feel good because if someone like Kim with all her access to the world best cosmetologist and all, still has cellulite, It simply means there is not wrong  with our cellulite bottoms, its what makes us the women we are. I hope more celebrities will do this often.

Many say the butt looks deformed, I say the butt is got cellulite and that’s all I see right now.

Kim shared this edited holiday pictures on her social media platform. Kim, 36, a mother of two, is currently on holiday in Mexico alongside  sister Courtney and her personal assistance. kim is married to top artist Kanye West.