Lady Calls Out Police Officers Who Sexually Harassed Her, Branding Her A...

Lady Calls Out Police Officers Who Sexually Harassed Her, Branding Her A Prostitute And Yahoo Girl

Identified as Kachi Anifela on her Instagram, this Nigerian Lady is furious about her encounter with the Police Officers of the SARS Division of the Nigerian Police Force.
Kachi explained how she was harassed and thrown into a Truck by the SARS Officers in Illorin as she was on her way back from a dinner.

She said:
Good evening everyone, I’m at the height of my disappointment with the Nigerian police force, this evening ,I was going to get dinner only for them to stop me Nd push me into their truck, then they started asking me why I have yahoo apps on my phone that I’m a yahoo girl Nd sh-t, after searching Nd not finding any evidence, they immediately accused me of prostitution, I said no, we argued for a while, then the man (one of the federal SARS officials) came to me Nd started shouting that I’m carrying hard drugs that he wants to search my body for narcotics Nd shit..
Then this bastard put his hands INSIDE my bra, while I was shouting Nd trying to get out, he said he was going to beat me up if he heard another sound, amidst all my crying Nd struggles this bastard rough Handled me, dipped his hands in my pant , saying (no be today I start to dey see drugs for girl bra or yansh)
I begged to call my mother and they refused, seized my phone,One man even came down from his car to beg for me Nd they chased him away saying he should mind his business.
I cried bitterly, this is one experience that’ has demoralized me the most. They were federal SARS, their patrol was at pipeline at about 9pm. I hate the police!!! #stopharrasmentSARS