“Made in China” plane lands after first test flight

“Made in China” plane lands after first test flight


The Chinese might just be the most innovative race yet. They keep seeking technological independence from the west as they both improve on western technology and also introduce new ideas to the tech market.

The capital of the People’s republic of China, Beijing, has disclosed it’s $1 Trillion  Aviation plan to take on western airlines.

China is known for its numerous products which are mostly cheaper than western counterparts. This products are mostly refered to as “made in China” goods as the chinese have created a global Trademark for themselves.

Nevertheless, going into Aviation full time and creating home made planes that are meant to contend with the “Big Boys of the Aviation Business” – Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 is a Big step towards total technological independence.

The Twin-engine C919, on May 5th, completed its maiden flight from Shanghai Pudong International Airport, which lasted an hour and 20 minutes. This was backed up with a lot of fanfare and cheers as it proves a major development in the Country’s Aviation sector.

The made-in-China airliner is built by Commercial Aircraft Corp of China (COMAC), a Chinese state-owned aviation manufacturer based in Shanghai. COMAC spent 11 years and £5 billion ($6.5 billion) developing the plane as a part of China’s aviation dreams

This is more or less a pace setter to other countries, both developed and underdeveloped, to spread their tentacles into innovative areas which in the long run would serve the country positively.

In previous times, many used to castigate Chinese Technology and called them substandard when compared to western counterparts, but this should be proof that the Chinese are actually going far and wide.