Would You Make The First Move..This Lady Did… .

Would You Make The First Move..This Lady Did… .


I am not my hair, I am me.. simply me. a woman who loves life and TRUST me when i say i endeavour to live it to the FULLEST!



So the other day I was strutting down my street (as we ladies do) and I saw this gooo-rrrrr-geous hunk of a guy, HOOO-MY-GAWDD, he was fiiine, he was pure FYA! So delectible, so delicious i could consume him for breakfast, lunch, dinner and anytime inbetween…(i apologize for going on …but..boy- oh -boy, he was too much, just recalling that moment is doing unspeakable things to my body as it was at the time haha).

I digress ..okay so time for the real gist…so this guy always smiles and waves at me every time we see eachother across the road, we even had a light chat one time ago.. seriously not just “nice weather don’t you think ?” small talk, it was a nice short convo.

I observed that my heart literally skips a beat…a good few beats it feels more like, every time I see this guy.

Believe me the other night I lay awake thinking…no…fantasizing about this guy…like seriously #WTF is going on with me.


 Now fast forward, I see him again standing there and I do the most daring thing I never thought or imagined would be me…I walk over to him and simply said, “Hey, we see each other almost everyday and hardly speak, you seem like a cool guy, would love to get to know you better…” 


Okay, hands up, i can see you ladies *face palming*, and believe me when i say i would have been the last person to be so brazen but to my delight, he did look surprised but not a bad kind of surprised, i could sense a sort of relief, like as if he had been waiting for me all this time. He said, “Let me be honest, i noticed you a while back but i figured that your friendly smiles were nothing more, and besides a cute girl like you was bound to have a boyfriend…” 

Long story short, we  had a light chat, both realised we had an open weekend, I simply just asked if he would like us to watch a film together, at his or mine…he said his..

So as I walked away , all I kept saying was did that just happen?! Yes ladies it did happen…and we did meet up…but spent all the time chatting, the film was just playing in the background. We had such a chilled time and realised that we had alot in common.


Moral of the story is this…approaching a guy you take a liking too does not make you a jezebel or a loose woman. So long as you respect and value yourself and approach the guy in a way that would show him your value and worth, then that is okay..you have nothing to lose,if he is interested then great..and if not then screw that mother… ( that would be the universal feeling no? Lol?) okay sorry no, if not then its not the end of the world! He would not even realise you were trying ask him out, don’t be direct, just find an opening, don’t sell yourself short, be brass, be confident, hold your head up whatever comes out of it.

If the guy had went cold on me, I would not have batted an eyelid because I was not actually expecting him to be on the same wavelength as me, all I know on that day was to forget all the ‘shoulda-woulda-coulda’ out of my head and i went for it. Turns out he was my Mr.Right.

We are still together…not just together, we are planning on getting married.

I am so glad I had the courage to walk up to him that day. Ladies the truth is some guys  can be shy or not sure of how or what to do, there is nothing absolutely wrong in you initiating the first move,hold on when I say first move, not in practical terms as some of you are thinking right now. 

Simply put, find a way to initiate a very harmless conversation, watch how he engages you before you make a further move. Imagine that some women have missed out on their Mr.Perfect because they may have been abit shy or thought a pursuit of you would be fruitless, like my man wrongly thought…



  1. That’s the truth, but societal norms won’t dare the African girl child to indulge in such, if u do, u r loose
    Lol.. Bold ND cool, wish we ladies will b sensible as well as bold enough to do this.

  2. I agree with Miebi, but truth be told, I don’t really care about this our society any more cus they font care for me, so I see a guy I like, hell I will make the move, I only hope to have the courage not what society think.