Man 27, On The Run After Severely Battering 22-year Old Girlfriend

Man 27, On The Run After Severely Battering 22-year Old Girlfriend


Jamie Webber 27 is on the run for seriously battering his girlfriend, Jenna Louise Thomas in New Port South Wales. They have been dating for only four months. Jenna Louise 22, have a four year old son.

He battered her and left her unconscious with severe facial injuries. She and her 4 year old son was fast asleep when he barged in on them and battered her face with punches.

She said;‘Then he punched me and kept hitting me.”

‘He put me in a head lock until I passed out and then he did it again and again and again.”

‘He did that four times. My eyes are completely bloodshot due to him doing that.’

Ms Thomas came around and opened a bedroom window to scream for help. Her eyes are  black, bloodshot with severe welling. Jenna Louise was beaten unconscious and that didn’t stop him, he continued punching her.

She said: ‘I managed to jump over the bed and run down the stairs.”

‘I didn’t have long and I only had a minute to get away.

In trying to reach for help, she managed to open the window and she was dragged back in. She ran out of the room and went downstairs.

“I ran downstairs and ran into the street. He came out, jumped on top of me and bit my ear and punched me.”

‘It’s all very blurry but I remember going to my neighbours and blood was dripping everywhere.”

‘Jamie didn’t seem to care, he got into his car and everyone was shouting at him and”

She wants him  locked up

‘He kept going: ‘What? What?’ and then drove off.’

Jenna believes her neighbours may have saved her life during the attack at her home in Crindau, Newport, South Wales, late on Sunday night. The single mother says she is too scared to go home until Webber is locked up.

She pleaded: ‘My little boy needs to be back in his own bed but we are both too scared to go home while he’s out there.”

‘If anyone knows where he is please tell the police.’

Jenna, who is also known by the name Jenna Francis, was treated for her injuries in hospital before police took photographs of her swollen face and red eyes.

She said: ‘It was a very vicious attack and completely unexpected.”

‘I need to go home with my son. It breaks my heart.’

Gwent Police are  on the look out for Jamie Webber who has been Jenna’s partner for the last four months. The  police said he’s dangerous and shouldn’t be approached.

A spokesman said: ‘We are actively looking for Jamie Webber in connection with the reported assault on Jenna Francis.”

‘We urge any member of the public with information regarding his whereabouts to come forward and tell police and not to approach Webber themselves.’

‘It’s believed Jamie is driving a silver Vauxhall Corsa and may now have left the Newport area.’