Man Abducts 12yrs Old Boy..Raped Him Severally..Boy Dies After Rescue

Man Abducts 12yrs Old Boy..Raped Him Severally..Boy Dies After Rescue


 Molested and sexually tortured for two weeks, he was rescued but later died in the hospital.

The boy’s parents suddenly discovered that he was missing and asked for his whereabouts from his friends, who denied knowledge of his whereabouts. Afterwards, a case of abduction was reported to the police. That was early March.

A man alerted us two weeks later that he saw Aminu with Maishai (Abubakar). The suspect initially denied that the boy was in his custody. The boy was later found in his apartment in a critical condition. He looked tired and pale. Maishai confessed he had sex with him several times.

The police were called to arrest him and Aminu was rushed to a hospital. He eventually died last week. The parents do not want to talk about the incident for now; they are devastated.

The state’s Police PRO, DSP Elkana James, who confirmed the report added that Abubakar will be arraigned for culpable homicide soon.

“Our legal team is reviewing the sentence. When the suspect was charged to court, the boy was not dead. So, he was charged with abduction and unnatural offences.

He and the boy, aged 12, lived within the same vicinity. He abducted him for two weeks and abused him during the period.

Now that the boy is dead, we have a liberty to charge him with culpable homicide. That will be an additional charge.

He is still in prison, serving the one month’s imprisonment. Once the new charge is filed, he would be reproduced to take his plea,” James said.

The most disturbing part of this incident is the fact that a pedophile who abducted and sexually molested a young boy for two weeks which eventually led to his death was only sentenced to one month in jail. It was referred as “Abduction and Unusual offences”

This is a rape offence, committed by a pedophile, otherwise referred to as pederasty

“Pederasty or paederasty  homosexual relationship between an adult male and a pubescent or adolescent male.”….

(Source; Wikipedia)

This man, then what… released back to society to commit same act over and over again. I will continue to ponder on this every time I read or hear about incidents like this, always the first and the last thought I process is how many victims out there and how many more will become victims of this sick perverts

Perverts our system cannot account or keep record of. Where is our sex offenders register” Are we so poor that we cannot put a safeguard functioning system in place to protect and safeguard our children.

The pains and torture this young innocent boy must have being subjected to by this sick evil individual. How are the parents meant to live the rest of their lives  haunted by the memory of how their  son was repeatedly molested, abused and raped until he was found, only to die because his young body could not with stand the the torture it was put through. I hope and pray this man rots in jail. I hope he never sees daylight again. May his young innocent soul rest in peace.

By Aaron Fikayomi


  1. Lemme get this straight,if the little boy had not died the pervert would have walked away just after one month in jail!. This is so sad. The right authorities should look into matters like this. May his soul rest in peace. #sad

  2. God what is happening!
    How can a full grown make abduct a 12years old boy and raped him for two weeks and he later died and he was arrested and was sentenced to one month imprisonment,he doesn’t deserve one month he deserves life imprisonment with had labour. That is a boy you might be our future leader tomorrow or might one way or the other become someone great in future but because of these foolish man the boy just died just like that.
    What is these world turning into,where is these country going to. Mr whatever is your name you deserve death as penalty.
    Please let join hands and speak against domestic violence and also focus more on child abuse because these is becoming too much and unbearable.

  3. What a wicked man he just killed that innocent boy. U should be sentence to life imprisonment.

  4. When a man spend all his time watching Pornographic pictures & videos, why won’t he be turned into a beast in human clothing. And our Judges pat him on the back with one month jail and allow his victim to perish.

  5. My God!! this man deserve death,lets reduce such wicked and heartless being in our country.he should be serve as a lesson to some people out there who are commiting such an evil act