Man Appears In Court For Rape Of 19-year old Virgin At...

Man Appears In Court For Rape Of 19-year old Virgin At Akowonjo, lagos


A 19 year-old girl was on May 9, 2017 sent on an errand by her mother in their Akowonjo, Lagos neighborhood, she was entrusted with some money which the mum uses for her retail noodle retail business, the money was the teenager to buy the noodle packs from the wholesale store, which the mum retails in.somewhere along the line, on her way  the teenage girl misplaced the money.

Afterwards of loosing the money, events took a new turn for the 19-year old.What later happened to the teenage girl became a story she now shares.

She allegedly reported that she was abused (raped) by a 36 year-old foodstuff trader, Henry whom she said to have approached for his aid.

It was gathered that the said money was meant to purchase  wholesale packs of of noodle which the mother retails on.

Proceeds from the noodle retail business she uses for the upkeep of the home and the family.The 19-year old girl misplaced the money but she ended up losing the money in the process.

She told our correspondent, “If I went back home and told my mother that I lost the N7,000, I did not know what could have happened. But I know she would nearly kill me.”

“So, I approached Henry to give me anything he had to assist me. I didn’t know him before. But he said all the money he had was at home. He said I could follow him home to get the money. I did not suspect anything, so, I followed him to his house at Unity Estate.”

The victim explained that the suspect took her to a face-me-I-face-you apartment where he offered her food and drinks to which she refuse, before sexually assaulting her.

She told reporter’s of pleading with the suspect to let her go but he refused her from going, he went on to sexually assault, initially he pleaded with the girl to have sex with him, saying he will give her the replacement for the missing money, this was only if she allows him but she refused, only for the man to rape her.

“I told him that I could not do that. If he wanted to help me, he could help me without asking me for sex. I had never done it before. But before I could leave, he grabbed me and raped me even though I begged him not to.”

The suspect resorted to begging her as she cried, then handed a toilet paper to clean up her bleeding.

“He told me to give him the blood-soaked tissue paper but I insisted on taking it home with me. He then gave me the N7,000.”

On her return, her worried parents asked where she had gone to but she never told them of what has happened, the missing money let alone the rape.

She had hidden the toilet paper from her parents but finally opened up when one of her sibling spotted the toilet paper with her and later told the truth.

In line to her daughter’s claim, the father immediately reported the case to the police at Shasha.

Henry, who was later arrested admitted having sex with Bisola, whom he described as an acquaintance.

Asked if he used protection, he said ‘no’.

According to Henry, he did not rape Bisola but that he insisted on having sex with her because he had already agreed to give her the money.

His case was later transferred to the Lagos State Police Headquarters.

On May 16, Henry was charged with sexual assault at the Ogba Chief Magistrate’s Court, Lagos.

He pleaded not guilty to one count of rape and was remanded in prison custody pending when he would be able to perfect his bail.

The case was adjourned till June 14.