Incest and murder! Son kills mother to cover act of incest

Incest and murder! Son kills mother to cover act of incest


Caught Having Sex With His Own Daughter By Mum..Behead’s Mum

One of the best lines ever said by a Man…

“When I was born, A Woman was there to hold me…… My Mother”.

What demon then drives a man to murder his own mother in cold blood, an act carried out to cover up another evil act. A man caught having sex with his own daughter b

Just recently, Segun picked up a machete and brutally hacked his own mother to death!

It is not just only that he slit the throat of a woman that carried him in her belly for good painful nine months, it is more disturbing and sad to learn his motive for doing this abominable act

“I Was Having Sex With My Daughter, When My Mother Walked In On Us Unannounced And Started Screaming So I Picked Up A Machete Nearby And Cut Off Her Head To Save Me From Shame, I Then Hid Her Dead Body. It Was When I Was Going To Dispose It That I Was Caught”.

He made bold to say he was having sex with his own daughter! Can you beat that.

Where do we start? The sexual abuse/rape on his daughter, or the murder?

Talk about the enemy within!

Just like Segun, there are so many enemies within the families subjecting women to several degrees of violence, constant anguish, pain, and like in this case death!

If its not sexual abuse, its physical abuse, or its emotional.

Violence against women in Nigeria had reached an alarming proportion. Female population accounts for more than half of Nigerian population yet they keep experiencing constant dehumanization even at the hands of supposed loved ones and family.

This problem of violence against women have not been given adequate attention both at the individual and government levels.

The magnitude of this problem in Nigeria might have been underestimated because perhaps studies are not available that determines prevalence of violence against women across various ethnic groups and socio-economic strata in the country, or also perhaps there has not been massive out cry over this. But like Charly Boy rightly said #OurMumuDonDo!

We have to start crying out right now!

We need to speak loud in one voice now!

Its time to…




  1. what a wicked man ,killed his own mother in cold blood because the mother caught him sleeping with his own daughter. meaning he knows what he was doing.