Man Kills Young Mother And Daughter, After She Refused Him Sex (Graphic...

Man Kills Young Mother And Daughter, After She Refused Him Sex (Graphic Photos)

Thailand Police have Re-enacted a Muslim man’s case with him now explaining how he allegedly stabbed a Mother and her daughter to death before dumping their bodies near a bridge in Narathiwat’s Rangae district.

The suspect, Hasan Jehha was thought to be making a kind gesture when he agreed to shelter Bismee Sulong and her her five-year-old daughter, Nassarin Mana, for the night after the woman explained to him that she and her child were escaping domestic abuse.

Instead, Jehha made several sexual passes at the woman and allegedly killed them both when she refused to comply with his sexual requests.
Jehha was escorted by police to his father’s house in Moo 5 in Tambon Kalisa, where he allegedly stabbed the mother (Sulong, 27), and her daughter (Nassarin Mana), last Friday night.

Jehha Later lead the police to where he dumped the Bodies and after searching, Local Villagers found the dead Bodies on Saturday Afternoon.

Speaking to a press conference, Pol Lt-General Ronnasilp Phusara, commissioner of Provincial Bureau 9, said Jehha had admitted to the Crimes.
Jehha reportedly Invited the woman to his Father’s house to use drugs and had plans of having sex with her; His advances however proved Futile when she refused, prompting him to stab her out of Rage.

Jehha explained that the little girl had woken up and witnessed the killing so he also killed her.