A Father Ordered To Hand over daughters, Age 2 & 8...

A Father Ordered To Hand over daughters, Age 2 & 8 As fine for Brother’s Adultery


As western civilization swept through the world, it swept away archaic traditions which weren’t feasible in the new world. -or so we thought.

As reported by US today, In a small Pakistani Community, a poor farmer known as Muhammad Hashim Khoso, has been reportedly ordered by a council of community elders known as the ‘Jirga’ to hand over  his two daughters age 8 and 2. 8 year old as adultery fine,In addition the sum of $12,500.

The most disturbing of this all is, the offence was not committed by the girsl father, rather the brother was the one who slept with another’s  man’s wife.

The two girls are now to be given as compensation to two men in the woman’s family, the woman Muhammed Hashim Khoso brother committed adultery with.


The brother was the offender, the Brother was found guilty by the council of elders (Jirga) of sleeping with a married woman but the brother is the one now made to pay compensation, compensation in the form of his two daughters, only 8 and 2-year old.

“I am a poor labourer, i was about to lose my own daughters for no fault of mine, it was my brothers case, and the jirga asked me to pay the fine fine because he was having an affair with a married woman” said Hashim

Hashim has pleaded to the Public, stating he is just a poor Farmer trying to make ends meet for his Family and can’t afford to loose his two Daughters for a crime he didn’t commit or had any thing to do with.

“Girls Not Brides”, an international advocacy group have stated recently that 21% of women in Pakistan tend to get married before they clock 18. This reveals that the Jirga council tend to force underage girls into marriage and this is a show of Pedophilia as this old men are interested in little girls young enough to be their children and grandchildren.

The sentence dished out by the Council is an illegal practise in Pakistan known as Vani. Though illegal, Perpetrators are hadly convicted for the crime as they (perpetrators) argue it is part of their custom/tradition.

Vani is passed to hundreds of people in Pakistan and the so called council hardly get caught as they try to practice this secretly. However, Hashim’s case was different as this got media response and the Chief Justice of Pakistan’s highest court, Mian Saqib Nisar has taken up the case personally.

Three Suspects have reportedly been arrested as others are still investigated by the police. Hashim’s Daughters are now safe and sound at home while the accused are being punished by the law.

The Jirga is being kicked against by citizens of Pakistan as more and more people refuse to give out their children in line with this practicend,  instead they are seeking legal action against them.

This problem of Men trafficking in Children as though they were property, sadly, can not be singularised to  Pakistan alone. Pedophilia and Child trafficking is on the increase all around the world. Do not let a poor child go through the Horrors of that.

When you see a child or privy to any information on concerns about any child, take a moment and ask yourself, ‘would I want this for my child?’

Don’t walk away, say something, do something. let us all make it our collective responsibilities to keep Raising awareness on child abuse, domestic violence and abuse, gender discrimination, forced prostitution and child exploitation. Together we can.