Messi VS Ronaldo ,The Debate Fever Is On

Messi VS Ronaldo ,The Debate Fever Is On

Argentina striker Lionel Messi (R) shakes hands with Portugal's striker Cristiano Ronaldo (L) ahead of kick off of the international friendly football match between the Argentina and Portugal at Old Trafford in Manchester on November 18, 2014. AFP PHOTO / PAUL ELLIS (Photo credit should read PAUL ELLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

The “Messi vs Ronaldo” question has been a debate that has the capability to turn two friends into foes for the period of the argument.

With Ronaldo picking up the La Liga title and the La Duodecima, people have been touting him to win the ballon d’or for the record fifth time, bracketing Lionel Messi, who is also on five.
Lionel Messi on the other hand, picked up the European golden boot, pichichi award, and won the spanish super cup and the copa del rey. He scored 54 goals this season, more than any other player,and in so doing, making it more difficult to answer the question between the two players.

Our verdict is being given on the duo. Feel free to add your own argument or make your own debate in the comment session. The players will be judged based on their Teamwork, strength, Positioning, set piece taking, dribbling and their ball control all which will be rated all over 10.

1. Teamwork: Messi edges him out on this, It is evident from the assist being gathered by messi, and Messi is well known for dropping back when needed by the team, while Ronaldo has been on one occasion or another caught complaining or shouting at teammates when frustrated.
Verdict Messi-8 Ronaldo -6.

  1. Strength: Ronaldo is tall,well built and his physicality is of no match, Messi on the other hand doesn’t have physique as a strong suit here. Ronaldo is known for beating players and defenders to the ball by using his sheer strength.
    Verdict= Messi-7 Ronaldo-9

  2. Positioning: While the two of them possess good positioning, Ronaldo has proved once more to be able to exhibit the ability better than Messi. He scores headers, tap-ins and has a great ability to read the ball and know where a cross is headed after it has been played.
    Verdict = Messi-7 Ronaldo-9
    4. Set Piece: They have both been great set piece takers throughout their careers. Ronaldo scores penalties, but so does Messi. He also scores freekicks, so does Messi. Although, in recent years, Ronaldo seems to be declining in his free kick takings, he’s no more hitting them on target like he used to do, while Messi keeps on improving in his freekick ability.
    Verdict= Messi-9 Ronaldo-7

5. Dribbling: Messi’s stamina and footwork gives him the edge over Ronaldo who over the years dribbles less and scores more. Ronaldo prefers playing one-two and scoring goals, while Messi still shows flashes of brilliance with his magical dribbles.
Verdict= Messi-9 Ronaldo-7

  1. Ball control: No one edges one another in this category, their ball control is not of this world, they both posses great ability to control the ball and do what they like with the ball in their feet.
    Verdict= Messi -9 Ronaldo-9

I think Messi is slightly the better footballer amongst the two players, although Ronaldo is still arguably as good as him. No doubt they’ll both be remembered in time to come as legends of the game.

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