The Mirian Oluchi Okpara Story..She Died..Broken By The Man She Loved.

The Mirian Oluchi Okpara Story..She Died..Broken By The Man She Loved.

I write this with tears. Mirian Oluchi Okpara eventually died in that marriage. So I received a call last night from my friend, that our friend Oluchi had died.
According to report, she was electrocuted while switching on the generator for the kids and the husband in the house. She was found shaking on the floor and died on their way to the hospital. Many believe she was murdered.
One of Oluchi’s cousins said ”My dear where will I start,  what she told you was what she told everyone of us,  do you know she can’t talk to me on phone,  she can’t even dare to say anything to any of her cousins, my aunty her mum can’t even go to the house,  her sim card is always changed,  she is threatened always, and just yesterday my senior cousin told me the bastard ( her husband) called him to inform that Oluchi is dead,  and this is my cousin  he prevented her from calling. Sorry my dear there is no point crying over spilled  beans. But that guy will never know peace.”
Well I want to believe she was murdered too, because before my friend Miriam died, she called me to explain all she has been going through in the hands of her husband. She said, the man changes her sim like pure water, because he doesn’t want any other man to admire her because she is a very beautiful woman with light skinned complexion. She said, the does not allow her to even visit the saloon, she must not go out of the house. She complained that she practically lives in bondage because of her beauty. The day she went out to buy egg for the children, the husband beat her to stupor for going out instead of telling him to buy it for them. The worst part is that he stopped her relatives from visiting her including her mother.
It was out of pressure, he allowed her to join the Catholic women organisation in her church and he must attend with her on meeting days, and when ever he is not around, she goes no where. My friend Miriam was able to call my line because, during our growing days, she had crammed it plus the numbers are easy to remember. On one occasion I asked if I should seek for help for her, she said no that, the husband will know she has been able to contact someone outside he four walls of the house. She cried the last time we spoke that, her husband only brought her to this house to breed children for him, while he enjoys himself with other women outside.
Now I wished I had helped her then eve when she insisted that I shouldn’t so that the husband will not beat her for contacting anyone outside. Woow, so truly Miriam Oluchi Okpara eventually died in this marriage. What will happen to her suckling 1year old baby, what will happen to her other 3kids. So ends the journey of a 33 year old model.
No woman should remain in a Domestic Violence marriage, No woman should live in fear, Seek for help where you can, Marry your friend not just any man because he is rich.
Written by Rita Ekeoha Aju
In the last few months, i have heard and being privy to lots of domestic abuse story, I must say this is one that not only broke me, but brought so close to home my own experience and journey as a domestic violence victim and survivor. It’s a very harrowing and scary place to be, you don’t fully understand until you leave the abuser, you shudder snd break out in cold sweat when memories of what you were subjected to floods in.
What of if you are not fortunate to survive it like I did? Miriam did not, what then do we say?some will say, why did she not leave, others will say, if family were aware, why then was nothing done. I say , please hold your assumptions and verdicts, you will never know until  you walk in the shoes, the shoes I would never wish for my worst of enemies
I pray and i believe she’s found peace, where she is free from the manipulation and mind control of an evil twisted weak man. 


  1. So sad. She should have accepted the help. May her soul rest in peace. It’s so sad that there isn’t any concrete evidence against the husband on suspicion that he murdered her. But the forces above will seek justice for ours sister. Like I always say, we must find the courage to leave at the first sign of violence. If he hits you once, he will do it over and over again. So sad.

  2. This is so sad.women pls let us learn to speak up at the right time before things really get out of hand.iys not easy to speak up or trust in otheres but at least we should find one person we can relate with and speak up our mind.Rest on.

  3. And I thought things like these happen only in nollywood movies. Why would he even allow her put on the gen when he’s at home? RIP. May God guide and protect your children

  4. So sad, bt I believe those in such situations can learn from her attitude of not sharing her pain with others. What ever the situation is master the courage and talk to someone, it can save your life.

  5. what a life, she should have left since the heartless husband was Abusing her. why did the family not try to help her, family should always try to do something when they are aware, this heartless man will now bring another woman into the house, a woman that can never take care of this children well. i feel sorry for the children.

  6. Beast of a man he turned his own wife to his slave. Please any woman going through this now, my advice is to run for your dear life. may GOD send her children help.

  7. Really sad.
    Every domestic violence victims needs to understand the “run for safety” attitude.
    I feel for her kids.

  8. so sad, women should please learn to be bold, remember marriage is not a do or die affairs.most men are animals.

  9. hummmmm,some men are beasts any woman going through hell like dis should pls run for her dear life and children. May your soul rest in peace .

  10. Men,should always remembér dat they will give açcount of all there re doing,hw will a man,go out n marry a woman,latter,treated her lyk an animals,so sad.R.I.P,sis.Be a guiding angel to ur children u left.

  11. #sobs its so sad nd painful reading through her story. Women should learn how to speak out nd seek for help in an abusive homes, maybe she was scared of leavn her children cos he would nt let her go with them. Maybe she was afraid of starting all over after she leaves the house. No one knws her reason for nt leaving. We pray she rest in peace. I feel for her kids who wld grow without a mother. May God guide nd protect them from any harm/violence in Jesus name, Amen

  12. What on earth’ll make a woman to stay with a man that lack understanding of how she should be treated as a wife? as a child of God if you can pray his foundational madness from his head, you should take your children & leave for crying out loud.for her family & friends that could’t stand their groud to help her out too bad. even if the man is a demon, God’s More stronger him.May her soul rest where she live for while on earth.

  13. Oh nooo! Sooo saaad! She died and left the very children she would have endured the violence for their sake? If and only if other women will learn from this. It is better to run away and stay alive for the children than stay in the abusive relationship and end up in the grave. May her soul rest in peace. I SAY CAPITAL NO TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE! Mothers please drum it into the ears of your female children long before they think of marriage so they can live to bury you instead of you burying them due to domestic violent. I do so to my daughters from 10 years old. May violent men be far away from our children in Jesus Name, Amen!. Peace.

  14. People asking why she didn’t just leave…I’m a first-hand witness of domestic abuse. I grew in a family where my mum isn’t allowed to visit family members, she doesn’t even have a phone, my dad used to come home drunk (he still does) and beat her senseless. He would pour urine on her, send her out of the house in the middle of the night, even when she was nursing the fourth child. I used to hate her because she didnt just walk away and leave him. She couldnt buy a thing for herself, because my father would question where she got it from, even though her provision business was doing well. To worsen it, she’s born again, she can’t leave her husband.
    The abuse has reduced from physical and verbal to only verbal, because myself and my younger brother defend her, now that we are older.
    She had to give birth to 7 kids because after she had the 3rd child, she started family planning behind him. He disagreed, now he has 7 kids he can’t cater for.
    I can go on and on.
    My mother is a shadow of herself, looking older than her age. I still ask her why she can’t still leave.
    All I’m doing is a bid to get successful and get a place of myself to she can live with me.
    About leaving an abusive marriage, its more than you can understand.
    I hope women in such situations have the courage to do so.

  15. May her soul rest in peace.
    I can only hope that we all learn from this story. Sometimes it is worth to walk away.

  16. It is better to leave and stay alive for your children in a distance, if he choses to withhold de children, truly i am talking out of experience for i was once a victim

  17. That’s some men for you. I too was once a victim of marriage violence, I am really happy that I took the right decision that saved me my life. A woman doesn’t need to put herself in unnecessary trouble because you love a man, you will just die and he continues his life. Thank God I’m out of this.

  18. Miriam story is really sad
    Abuse in marriages in Africa is high no body wants to talk about it
    I hope this story help us to talk about abuse in our relationships

  19. so sad n i wish she left n see to d welfare of her children from a distance bt now shes gone forever n d beast of a husband wil be alive n marry a second wife.RIP n may GOD fight for ur death n also guide n protect your children

  20. May her soul rest in Christ. Amen
    This particular man is sick and needs help!
    Any woman who will agree to marry him( be her ugly) excuss the word, but what am trying to say is that he will do it again! Or even turn on the kids now that she is gone.

  21. It so sad that she didn’t survive this, but if she had left this man we are the same ppl who would have criticised her telling her that marriage is not a bed of roses. We would have condemned her with all manner of words forgetting that no woman would abandon her marriage or children under a normal circumstance. Women it’s high time we speak in one voice let come together and SAY NO TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Now she is gone who will tell her story? Look @ the case of Tonto Dike, she is bold enough to voice out but fellow women are calling her all sort of names without knowing the pains she went through. Marian must have considered Wht the family, church, society would say and now she’s gone and the monster is cooking up lies for the society. If you have not been there u may not understand but AM A SURVIVOR.

  22. May Her Soul Rest In Perfect Peace, I Was A Victim Before, Now I’m Survivor, Women, Don’t Mind What People Will Say About You Just Care Only About Yourself And Your Life, Because Rummourse Are Carried By Enemies Spread By Ignorance And Accepted By A Fool. Play Wise, Men Are Not Worth Such.