Mother Of 3-year old Girl sexually molested By Ex Boyfriend Commit’s Suicide

Mother Of 3-year old Girl sexually molested By Ex Boyfriend Commit’s Suicide


 Story was shared on social media by user Syombua kibue, states that the Kenya lady, Brenda Akinyi was in search of justice for her three years old daughter who was sexually abused by her ex boyfriend .

The 29 year old lady had gone ahead to report the case at the police station, hoping to get justice for the daughter but it was never to be, justice was the last time she found

 Instead of finding the justice she so much wanted, she herself became a victim of sexual exploitation by a police officer who volunteered to help her pursue the case but later left her to her fate.

Determined to find justice for her daughter she shared her daughter’s sexual abuse  story on a kenya social media page ,hoping to find support and help but instead she was  ridiculed and bullied online by some some people, who were of the opinion that she made up the story to gain attention.

On Saturday, May 13, Brenda committed suicide, she  threw herself at an oncoming vehicle along Waiyaki highway near Kabete Police Station, she died from sustained injuries.

it’s obvious from the message posted on social media by someone who possibly knew the victim, it appeared even after the death of Brenda, people still continued to be insensitive by posting false assumption about the late Brenda

Syombua’s  wrote;

Next time please get the full story before going public.

“This lady was going through a lot before she took her life,. Her child was molested by someone she knows, she went to the police to get help but unfortunately the police officer requested sexual favours in order to help , in her desperation she gave in but he turned around and left her hanging, on to of all that, she was battling with depression. She went to a popular group online seeking help but her story was too sketchy so people started asking questions. She may have passed on but her child still needs help and justice. A child molester is still walking free”

This is any parent nightmare, to have a child molested is horrible enough for any parent, to then have to fight for justice when justice ought to be processed by law. to now have someone sexually exploit you with promise to help you find justice and at the end of it all the justice you seek still eluded you. This is more than enough to drive any sane person over the edge.

A very horrible thing happened to this woman, her little girl was sexually molested, but that is not what drove Brenda to death, Brenda was driven to her death because the system not only failed her, the system took advantage of her vulnerability, she became a victim of the very system that was meant to help her.

Not only was Brenda unable to find justice for her daughter, not only was the molester walking free, the officer who promised to help her and then abused her thereby making mockery of her and her quest for her abused daughter.

Finally society dealt her the final blow, she went public hoping to find empathy, but what did she find, condemnation.

May her soul rest in peace.