Mother of 5 has her head battered By Husband with HAMMER

Mother of 5 has her head battered By Husband with HAMMER


WARNING: Graphic Images

A man walks into a station, lays a complaint against the wife and the police follows up on this complaint and go out to arrest the accused, which is by the way the wife of the complaint.

That is the  scenario right, okay agreed the information given as of when this complaint was lodged with the police without doubt would have been distorted to favour him, the complaint.

Now the police set out to make a formal arrest in lieu with line of investigation and on getting to the accused house which am guessing is same place with the complaint, no, he pushed her out after battering her, so of course the police went in search of her where she was recovering from the battering by the husband the complaint.

Pictures they say tell a thousand stories. The police sort out the accused, finds her and sees her in this state and they proceeded to arrest her …?

Arrest her right, well we all  know what has happened behind close doors. You find a woman thus beaten by a husband who was bold enough to still lay a formal complaint about her, at what point did it not occur to them that the first thing they should be doing is to support the women to get medical treatment, while at it they can gather evidence to know what actually happened, How this woman, a wife and a mother of five got so buttered with evident life threatening injuries.

This is domestic violence at the peak! According to inside information, the police collected bribe and down played this act of violence

What a society we live. Yes, the main factor why violence against women is openly carried out is because rarely are perpetrators held accountable.

Below is as reported by a facebook user

Women beating, rape and a host of other abuses are always swept under the carpet.

I hope this women and the likes of her get the justice they deserve. Arrest the man that did this to her, lock him up and throw out the keys! He could have killed her.





  1. Only God knows where these country us turning into. Our so called police officer of the law there’s is beyond human doubts. How can a man bear up his wife and hit her head with hammer and also throw her outside ungodly hour of the night and if that was not okay for him,he brought our so called officers of the law to come and arrest her.when getting to the the spot the incident happen and saw the woman in a bad condition what deprived them from taking her to get medication and later trash out the issues. Is because they are used to what is called bribe and when they got there they could not do anything. She I’d now dying in pains and while the foolish husband is there and justice is not been taken for his actions. He deserves to be dealt with seriously.
    #Say no to domestic violence and abuse.
    #I stand for peace.thanks

  2. Oh my GOD this is too bad how can u beat a defenceless woman like this and still went and lay complain in the police station. and I believe policemen knows the truth but because of bribe that they want to collect they will be senseless. may GOD send her helper.

  3. after hitting her you still drew her out of the house and also got her arrested . I pray this woman gets justice and the husband need to face the law

  4. This the everyday life of most Africa women, abuse is a norm here in Africa countries, although not disputing the fact that it exits within the curbs of the white environs but then here in Africa women are battered, killed, used and nothing or less is done about such
    Men who abuse their wives do that because no one questions their sanity, nor is any form of concrete punishment melted on them, so they flip on these victims at every given opportunity. I feel bad for Nigerians outside their country, cox no rational human will hear this and think good of a country nor her citizens, especially her governments decapitated ability to induce rest in such situations, and when a government looses respect internationally, the efficacy of that country becomes a joke and in jeopardy. You not only violated a person’s right, you not only melted untold and indescribable pain on the woman you fuck almost every night, you still had the audacity to drag her down to a police station. Sorry can never rectify a mistake, get out before you get into a casket