A pedophile! 45years Old Man Sexually abuse 3years old stepdaughter.Mothers watch and...

A pedophile! 45years Old Man Sexually abuse 3years old stepdaughter.Mothers watch and listen!!


Police on Wednesday in Niger State, Nigeria arrested a 45-year-old-man, over alleged rape of his three-year-old stepdaughter.The suspect was arrested in Kundu, a village in Rafi Local Government Area of the state…. click this link  below to read full story..

When you walk in on your supposed husband or partner trying to sexually assault your 3years old daughter because you just denied him sex. The police should not only be who you should be contacting, you should be contacting you the mother first.

Walking in on someone that is suppose to protect and shield a child, a partner you have trusted and entrusted the wellbeing of your child to is enough to drive anyone insane. This definitely is not the first time this pervert is trying this act on!

It’s very vital and of great importance we know the people we bring into our lives, especially when you have young vulnerable children, I agree one can sometimes miss the signs or characteristics of an abuser but the truth is if you truly really watch, observe, and above all let your children know  have that confidence that you will always believe what they tell you.They will come to you at anytime to talk to you

You ask how do you get them to tell you stuffs ? Always believe your children first before anybody, the tendency for young children to lie is very very minimal, not just believing them, make it your responsibility to grow a third eye and a very alert sense of dissecting and analysing behavioural patterns of suspicious characters when they are around your children. most important pointer, watch how they behave when this individual is around and when he is not around. That should be the when and how the alarm bells should start ringing.

Don’t ever underestimate children’s intelligence, they read body language than adults, if you as much doubt a child when they come to tell you about stuff happening to them or others, they will think twice next time before they come confide in you. Rather they will withdraw into their own.

This said 45years old man wanted to sleep with the wife, she refused as she was at that time breastfeeding their baby, this man then went to the living room where his 3years old daughter was sleeping to sexually molest her, the mother heard the commotion, came out into the living room to see this pervert in this abnormal act.

This pervert most probably has been molesting this child, maybe this child has tried severally to tell the mother either verbally or with body language. The truth is, most women once they are enamoured with a man , they hardly see, smell , or breath beyond the man.

Mothers please put your children before any man!!

There are lots of unidentified pedophiles prowling the streets, living next door , engaging in our communities with day to day activities with our young vulnerable children.

Making it our Collective responsibility to watch ,observe and report abuse should be ours, immediate community and the society at large.