My Step Dad Tried To Rape Me At Age 16, Diary Of...

My Step Dad Tried To Rape Me At Age 16, Diary Of A Teenager


It all started when my mum got married to my step dad. she took us along with her to live with him after my father died. At first he was very nice and caring and i never even suspected that he had his eyes on me. One fatefull afternoon we were both alone in the house as it was a public holiday at school. I was sleeping and to my surprise he came to wake me up and i thought perhaps maybe he wanted to send me on an errand.


He held both my hands, dragging me, by his actions, i already knew what he wanted hence my instincts kicked in. I pushed him and ran to open the door but it was locked. I screamed for help but no one was there to rescue me as he was beating me, beating me hard.

He tore at my clothes. I was only 16years old. I was so helpless, scared but I knew I was going to fight, fight with every breath in me, I did not plan to lose my virginity this way.

I felt that if i lost my virginity to this man, it would change and shape my future in the most negative way imagineable. I remembered, I still have someone who i know won’t let me down. I started screaming and calling my one and only saviour “JESUS” he was still beating and dragging me around the room


The more I screamed the name “JESUS” the more strength I had. I pushed him as hard as i could, but he kept dragging me around the room.He tore my pant. I went berserk. the reality of what he was about to do dawned on me more.

I sunk my teeth into him, I bit him hard, very hard. He screamed and held the spot when I bit him and that was it.I ran for the door, bruised all over my body, tattered clothes, with no pant, I ran outside thank God nobody was passing by.

I just want to end here because a lot more happened after that day. I want to thank God for helping me out and I pray that he will always be by my side. I also pray the God that helped me that fateful day, will help others who have gone through same or those who are ongoing victims.


I hope one day I will be strong enough to tell the full story, but for now I am glad I finally found the voice to speak out. God help us all {Amen}

Uncountable young girls are being abused daily by trusted family members. Some are about damaged from years of abuse, not understanding why what happened to them was allowed. Young girls carry this burden around, not knowing who to talk to for fear of stigma and blame. when  some have the courage to speak up, they are told never to speak about it or tell anyone about it.

For every young girl who has found their voice through this platform to tell their story, we salute your courage. We stand with you and together, we hope one day soon, justice will be served for every abused child.




  1. Hello Faith, we noticed you dropped your email address. If there’s any story you wish to share or you will like to contact us and if you have any questions, email us at or you need to talk to us, contact us on 0816 944 3785


  2. This people should not be relised in society. Africa must wake up and take the lead on the matters arsising every day about this act of evil in the society. Please defence the vounarable victims.

  3. Thank GOD for u my dear that u able to fight back and that ur step father did not succeed in raping u and breaking ur verginity, heartless step father. There so many situation like this of rape of young girls that that can’t speak out. We need to fight back with both spiritual and physical to stop rape of our children. We have daughters and sisters. May GOD help us

  4. So many young girls are out there that can not fight back as young girl u need to fight back by shouting don’t let any man Abuse or rape you. Some men are very wicked

  5. There are so many young girls out there that can not fight back. As young girl don’t be afraid of any man that want to Abuse or rape you try to fight back by shouting. Some man are wicked.

  6. Thank God for His goodness and mercy. No matter what may be your challenges of life, God will see you through and will give you testimonies at the end. Bless you

  7. Shameless man. You like the knicker and like the kaba. Shame on you. Beast. Girls be on your guard. God will continue to grant you strength always.

  8. Thanks for speaking up. Thanks for speaking up. I speak up about rape. It happens all around and it shapes so many lives negatively. Thanks for speaking up.