Plane Takes off On Flooded Tarmac, Watch Video Here

Plane Takes off On Flooded Tarmac, Watch Video Here


Lol…Only in Niger

A Facebook user, Gbenga Pelemo, on Thursday, 11th of May 2017, posted a video of a flooded airport in Lagos. Passengers who were trying to board the flight had to go through the flood of water, soaking themselves just to get on a flight.

Furthermore, the flight was still loaded for take-off. This is of cause dangerous as anything could go wrong as a result of the flooding. On the 1st of April, 2017,it was reported by the Bulletin that all flights leaving Rockhampton airports had to be suspended due to issues of flooding and passengers were fit into flights in another airport.

Why can’t our airliner companies be that co-ordinated?

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Generally, better drainage is needed in Run-ways and the Government should work on better facilities. Nobody should get wet just to get on a plane, i mean thats the kind of thing you face while hopping unto a Public bus (danfo) or commercial motorcycle (okada). Facilities should be better. This is an most likely an international airport with foreigners pouring in from all parts of the world, what kind of message are we sending out to them? That we aren’t co-ordinated enough to manage a flood? or willingly put passengers through the dangers that could happen in the flight taking off in a completely flooded run way?