Nigerian Woman Thrown Off Turkish Flight, Watch Video

Nigerian Woman Thrown Off Turkish Flight, Watch Video


According to a social media user Anastasya Vorobyova who shared the story on facebook, a Nigerian lady  was asked to come down from a Turkish Airlines flight she had boarded from Istanbul to Abuja.

with information the social media shared, the Nigerian woman at a point while boarding was going requested for water, she was told by one of the steward to hold on for boarding to be completed.

Trouble started when the plane on about to take off, the woman was now served the requested water, only for the woman to toss the cup of water back at the offering steward. Immediately this happened the steward reported the unruly behaviour, security were called and the woman was asked to leave the plane.

The Nigerian woman was left with no option but to start begging, the decision to throw the woman out the plane caused division with the other flyers, this led to heated argument with some taking the woman side while others stood by the airline for taking the decision to throw her off the plane.

Some passengers saw it as a racist move and that sure did not go well with them with one of the passengers persistently asking if the woman would have being thrown off if she was a white woman.

Well I have seen lots of white women thrown off the place, honestly its to do with general flying policies and procedure.

Some quotes as shared by her

“It’s so easy to put people in a war in a blink of an eye…

Our flight from Istanbul to Abuja, Nigeria. Turkish airlines.

From the first step in airplane the energy was so sick. People stood in a line forever trying to find a right place for the bags. Stewards running back and forth with anxiety.

Time to take off…but we are still waiting. Some loud sounds and talks appearing at the end of the aircraft. Young lady asking for forgiveness and begging to let her stay in airplane. Officer trying to say she should leave the aircraft now, otherwise we will not take off.

-” She shouldn’t assault the Steward.”

-” Shut up, if you never did a mistake in your life? She is begging forgiveness.”

The social media user had this question to ask

Was it the right decision?

Watch the video as shared on social media.