“Nigerians Are Some Sort Of Criminal Race” -Robert Lindsday (Racism or Bitter...

“Nigerians Are Some Sort Of Criminal Race” -Robert Lindsday (Racism or Bitter Truth)


An American Blogger, Robert Lindsday took to his blog to condemn Nigerians to the world as he gave reasons why he hates Nigerians.

He accused millions of the Nigerian population of being criminals and fraudsters. He further went on to state that in Nigeria, Internet Scam is not considered a crime but a way of life.

He talked a lot about how corrupt the country is and that a lot of the citizens were just criminals looking for Americans to scam on the Internet. In his words, Robert said, “50% of the population of Lagos wakes up every morning and thinks – “Who can I rip off today?”

He also stated that Nigerians appear to be some sort of Criminal race and he wants nothing to do with them in his Life time.

This is definitely a show of Racism, i mean how do you judge a whole Race/Country by the acts of some. He has publicly ruined the image of Nigerians and everybody reading his Blog from the four corners of the world, gets the utmost Worst impression about the beautiful citizens of Nigeria.

True, Corruption and crime are a pressing issue in Nigeria, but still, it is wrong to call an entire race “some sort of criminal race”.

I am a Nigerian and i am sure i speak for countless Nigerians when i say “i have never defrauded anybody or American in my entire existence”. Nigerians are beautiful people, our country’s name shouldn’t be dragged in the mud like this. We definitely can be better though, stop spoiling the Nigerian image.

In my stand, Robert Lindsday is a sorry Racist looking for traffic on his blog by posting outrageous things about Nigerians. See what he wrote HERE.

…I am a Nigerian and not a Criminal

-Igbokah E.E for UnbrokenChords


  1. He’s definitely a bitter racist with extreme low self esteem. I wrote two comments on his blog and he refused to publish them.

    It’s instructive that he has a post postulating that brown and black women are the way to go for straight white men. His reasons border on servitude and the fact that American women are independent, talk back, career oriented etc.

    If he’s not a lowlife, I don’t know what he is. African men bad, African women better? Plus he has the looks of a nerd frightened by a mouse.

  2. His Blog should have been taken down… if you read the comment section, you’d see his fellow racists bringing up more stupid statements about Africans as a whole.