Pastor Arrested For Multiple Rape Of Pregnant Women In Abia State

Pastor Arrested For Multiple Rape Of Pregnant Women In Abia State


Pastor Tochukwu, a pastor in Abia State has been arrested and paraded by the Abia State Police, for the rapes of pregnant women and turning his Church and medical centre to a baby factory.

The incident happened at 22 Faulks road Abia, where the Church and medical centre  operated by him was later turned to a baby factory by the said pastor .

The Commissioner of Police (CP) Leye Oyebade disclosed that the pastor has been raping the pregnant girls at his claimed medical centre.

Upon questioning , one of the girls said the pastor severally rapes them and that on one occasion she stabbed him on his neck with an available glass object.

A girl whose name was given as Imeobong Udoh narrates how her two months old baby was forcefully taken away from her by the said pastor and his wife and the baby sold to unknown persons.

The Commissioner further revealed on how the police was able to rescue a two months old baby from them and taken to an orphanage shelter for care.

Another lady by name Blessing Ariet,  tells how the pastor tried raping her and refusal from her, landed her beatings with belt that left several marks on her body.

She recalled  there was a time when he attempted to sleep with her forcefully but had to stop, “When his wife came suddenly into the room  where she was kept and he pretended that he was examining her stomach”.

Another victim who gave her name as Ikechukwu Jane said that the wife of the pastor who is now as large is aware of her husband’s raping of the girls in the medical centre.

“The wife said that when he sleeps with the girls that the babies in our womb are being fed naturally,” Jane said.