Pastor Son Batters Married Woman, Claims She Was Having Affair With Pastor...

Pastor Son Batters Married Woman, Claims She Was Having Affair With Pastor ‘His Father


A thirty years old  married South African lady, Kelebogile Koenaesele was reported to have being  attacked by her pastor’s son on her way home from church.

According to news circulating social media, the attack took place because she was thought to be having an illicit affair with the pastor of her church.

This attack which has left the victim with a bruised face and a deep cut on her face which required stitches was said to be carried out by the the pastors son who was not happy with the said affair between the father and the lady in question.

Kelebogile Koenaesele, 30  was attacked and hit  with a stone while returning home from church after a service. She sustained various bodily injuries which lead to her being admitted in the hospital. she is said to be  presently recuperating in a private hospital.

Investigations revealed  a message was sent to her phone before the attack which has left her traumitized. The message which was sent via the short message service  on friday before the attack took place read   “it said they wondered why Kelebogile prayed, but being the bitch she is, she will pay for her evil deeds.”

Kelebogile refuted the allegations, and clearly stated she was married, that she was not having any affair with her pastor as claimed by the son.


By Pat. A


  1. Funny, maybe she did something wrong, but then who gave you right to judge, and even batter. U need flog and to face the consequences of ya actions.. GOD help u

  2. if the lady is dating the pastor his father am not in support of that. but for him to take law into his hand by beating the lady is not good he has to be arrested by the police.

  3. Even if she had anything to do with the pastor that does not warrant him to beat her up like that all he is suppose to do is to talk to his father and tell him to respect himself and stop cheasing what is under skirt and not beaten her up like that. These is totally unacceptable and I stand and speak against domestic violence and abuse.
    Show me a man who doesn’t cheat on God and I will show you a man who will never cheat on a lady.
    I stand for peace.thanks