Please Support This Mother And Her Children With A Safe Haven

Please Support This Mother And Her Children With A Safe Haven



This pictures were shared on social media by a very concerned individual, who was taken back with the extent of abuse melted on this little girl. As findings by him would reveal, this abuse was carried out by the father of the little girl.  According to Mr Olagunju Adekunle, a manager with UBA , who was on his way to work on the 20th of April,  he stopped  to buy recharge cards. He could not  help but notice a severely battered little girl covered in bruises, he asked after her, her  name is Esther Sanyaolu and the woman he was talking to was her mother, Mrs favour Sanyaolu, she said said her daughter was beaten up by the father, Mr Sanyaolu because she watched television in a neighbour’s room.

When their father was contacted on phone by Mr Olagunju as to why he had to do this to his daughter, he threatened to beat up his wife when he gets back. Mr Olagunju took the young girl to a pharmacy, treated her and bought her drugs.

Mr Olagunju also learnt that that the man had also battered his son, leaving marks on this body and head.The woman has 4 kids for the man. And she takes care of them by herself. Since the incidence Mr Sanyaolu ran away from home and is no where to be found.


As  narrated by Mr Olagunju 

“God,I can’t just believe this in my life,i was driving to the office this morning and I’ve a  reasons to make a call and before I know,I was out of call card ,as I alighted from my car to get a recharge card ,I sighted this small girl(Esther by name) be beaten mercilessly with his heartless and reasonless father”

“Please where are the human right, who can be of assistance to help this girl out of her heartless father? I was so fortunate to interrogate her mother who told me that the girl went to the next neighbour room just to watch TV”

“I took the girl to the nearby police station on our way getting there ,the girl and her mother was redirected to the nearby police station which is very closer to their house”

“I called her father and I questioned him the reasons why he beats the girl mercilessly like that and his respond was very dishearten even he promises and threaten to beat his wife on her way back from work….Good people of  Nigeria, kindly give helping hands as regard to this case, before it’s getting out of hands “.


I am inclined to believe that we have a functioning social  service system that  that deals with family abuse of this nature. The government needs to make it their responsibility , a top piority one at that, to create and promote awareness on what mothers should do and were and who to contact when vulnerable children are being abused. The general public should make it a civic obligation to contact the social service once abuse is suspected of any young vulnerable child.

Its quite unfortunate, indeed a broken society, this children and their mum should by now have become the responsibility of the child protection unit of the social service, as it’s quite clear without any doubt the man, father and husband abuses the wife, mother of his children same way he abuses the children.

I hope the police are after him, arrest him and charge him with domestic and family violence.




By Pat. A


  1. God’s your strength, our legal s d social service system is nothing to write home about, cases pile up there, so therefore it is difficult for them to do anything. Help will come just be ready to alight tye so called marriage wen it does Cox u don’t want to die there or so I guess

  2. what an evil bastard man how can you beat up ur own child because he or she watch television in your neighbours house and turn his own wife to a slave. I pray the police arrested him.

  3. Am sure that bastard got no heart and he need to be dealt with, no matter the offense the children does not deserve these kind of treatment. Beating them up us not the right way to correct them rather than talking to them and let them know that what they did is not sure he got no TV in his house that is why the children goes outside to watch because if he does I see no reasons while they will go can’t take care of your family and you are claiming good father by beating the leaving he’ll out of them. You deserve to be dealt with because those children have the right to sue you to court for child abuse. please let stand and fight against domestic violence, child abuse and family abuse. Thanks I stand for peace.