Political Jagaban Acquires private Jet Worth $60 Million (see photos)

Political Jagaban Acquires private Jet Worth $60 Million (see photos)


Ex-Governor of Lagos state, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu AKA the Jagaban, according to reports from Southwest Youths National Development Forum is alleged to have acquired a new Private Jet worth about $60million.

Sources close to the National leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC), have disclosed that the newly acquired Jet is a Bombadier Global Express, XRS. It is rumored to be exactly the same type owned by Aliko Dangote, who is standing on top of the List of Forbes Richest men in Africa.

As at 2015, Tinubu was placed at a Net worth of about $20 million, by constative.com . Now this is where it gets interesting, if his Net worth was actually $20 million as at 2015, he must have had to make an additional worth of way over $30 million so as not to go Bankrupt.

However, his present Net worth can not be pin-pointed with accuracy so no conclusions can be jumped-into as to whether the acquisition of this asset was as a result of some illegal plays.

The Political Jagaban is rumored to be number 6 of the top richest politicians in Nigeria with Ibrahim Babangida ranking at number One.