Popular lady drummer battered by new husband

Popular lady drummer battered by new husband


They recently got married.

i will never ask or try to find out what happened because there is never any reason good enough for any man to hit a woman over and over, beating her to a pulp. Why would you hit someone over and over simply because you can.

The most scary part is when you try to report abuse, you are hardly ever taken serious. this is why some victims resign to their fate, not that they dont know what or where to go, but the reponse and support is barely there.

I really do not understand. Why is it so okay for women to be beaten like this almost on daily basis. The reality of hw many women are daily abused is scary, we only get to know of few, either because they are public figures or someone that knows someone took pictures and put it on social media.

see as posted on social media.



  1. My God m,why will a man heat a lady like these just few months after there marriage he is a beast in human form,because you are married to her does not gives you the right to turn her into your punching bag.we lady please before going into any marriage please a make a very good good research about who you want to marry and seek God’s face you can not just jump into marriage and later regretting it.
    The wicked should deserve a life lesson.
    Please say no to domestic violence and child abuse.