How I Was Raped In The University By My Roomate’s Boyfriend, Diary...

How I Was Raped In The University By My Roomate’s Boyfriend, Diary Of A Teenage Girl

Dear Unbrokenchords’
There are events in your life you never want to remember, but there comes a time and day when you just know and accept the reality that it did happen.
i have just read the story of the young lady who was set up to be raped by a ‘senior friend’ she had so much respect for. The truth is that most young girls have being betrayed this way.  To the young lady believe me you are not alone.
This is my story;
When I got admitted into the university, I was very naive in the ways of the world, I was very excited to be on my own for the first time without my parents watching every of my move.
I went about settling into my new environment and  studies, I was like a fish out of the water. There was lot of parties going on within the campus for freshers, I was invited to one of this party by my room mate, I was excited.
We went together, I stayed by her side most times, at a point she encouraged me to dance with a particular guy who I did not know then was her boyfriend, I obeyed her, she was in 300Level studying english, I was just beginning, I still had that mentality of the secondary  school girl and  school mother thing.
I danced okay with the guy, i got a lot excited, first night party, just could not believe life could be this free of parental rules.
We left the party together, I went in, leaving both of them outside the entrance of our hostel, still clueless if they were dating, later events made me to think back.
A week later, I was making my way to the local cafeteria to eat, i saw him, the guy i danced with, i said hello and passed, on my way back i saw him standing outside the cafeteria, as I was passing he called me, i went to him, he asked me some basic question, I answered him, how I was settling and then to tell Gloria to see him later. I left.
i can not remember the exact day I saw him again but all I remember and I will forever remember was him asking me, after following me out of the lecture hall, how and why he was there i never knew. He simply walked up to me said ‘Hi and started walking with me, once we got to the point of diversion to the male and female hostel, he said very casaually;
I am coming with you to see Gloria, but I quickly need to pick up a text book for her, come with me please so we can walk together back, never thought twice, i just went with him on a natural whim, looking back now it was all pr planned.
We got to his room, he gave some excuse and left, came back after a while with a bottle of soft drink which he offered me, somehow I was even intelligent enough to ask him when are we getting back, he answered soon, that the book was kept by his room mate who is coming now.
Then i started feeling very weird, I see him come near me, start touching me, I could not even resist, I would try to say something but i just could not find my voice, I felt the room spinning, i just started crying, i knew what was about to happen, I have read and heard about this.
He raped me, with me crying, he raped me twice, not once,left the room after the first time, told me not to move because this hostel was very dangerous, he’s coming now to escort me out, i was feeling weak and sleepy, how could i even move even if i tried.
He came back after a short while, am sure he was just outside the entrance, then again he raped me, this time i had a bit of energy to try to fight him off, he just laughed and told me to behave or else it will not be only him.
Said I will be fine, that he liked me and if not for Gloria, he would want me to be his girlfriend. I could not even utter a word, i was in shock and above all i was SCARED.
He told me I could stay if i want, I just quietly stood up, put my clothes on and left, but not before him warning me not a word to Gloria or anyone. I wobbled my way back, i was lucky it was quiet around my hostel when I wobbled in.
I quickly grabbed a half bucket of water i saw outside, went straight to the bathroom, i would not stop scrubbing.
For two weeks I was withdrawn, I missed my classes for straight one week, I would cry when no one was watching.
I never understood his relationship with Gloria till I left for another hostel as they were never together as regular couple do, but there was something about her till now, that made me to believe she knew what was going to happen that day.
Dear Unbrokenchords, thank you for encouraging young girls to share their stories. I have never told anyone this story before. I am married now with two children, not even my husband knows, i just feel better knowing i have put this story out there.
It’s no longer a burden I carry around alone.
I say no to rape and domestic violence
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