Satanic Agent ,Not A Landlord…Pedophiles of “face me..I face you

Satanic Agent ,Not A Landlord…Pedophiles of “face me..I face you


“How will a landlord sleeps with his tenant daughter of about 9 years old simply because she has not pay for her rent for seven month……he was taken to the police station and was bail out with only #50 only……… To me it an insult to we women/ girl. …..Please let join hands together to stop all these insult upon every female being”, A post by Rita Friday Blessing on our FB page.

When I saw this post on our visitor post page, I  just went numb and sick. Could It get any worst? What is wrong with people, is this what humanity have descended to.

Somehow I almost found myself blaming the poor state of our country as being responsible for such act, but no! One has to be mentally retarded or a satanic agent  to carry out such an act, and i will go with the latter, he is an agent of the devil!

I empathise with the mother and this nine years old child that had to be abused simply because they could not afford to pay rent. this poor child has now being damaged for life, the trauma of it, God heal her. Imagine the agony of her parents. it will never be well with this landlord.

The truth is, the amount of abuse going on especially in the urban and rural poor area is very scary, its basically like a norm. ITS BECOME AN INCURABLE CANKERWORM.

For a landlord to use the excuse of non payment of house rent to sexually abuse a child is just a reflection of  the moral state of our society’s plus the decadence and non- functionality of the responsible arm of government. WHAT A BROKEN SOCIETY WE LIVE IN.

 “He was taken to the police station and was bail out with only #50 only.”

Some might want to disbelieve this, but fortunately its the truth. did they really collect fifty Naira  to toss aside a case of this magnitude? I don’t know about that, however we know what goes.

You know, landlord are the most sleaziest and morally bankrupt set of people in Nigeria, they sleep with tenants wives, girlfriends to daughters when there is default in payment, even where a default in payment does not exist, God help you if they start lusting after youe wife or girlfriend or worst still your daughters. they will make your life miserable, they start making sexual overtures  to the women in the mens lives, some women fall preys either by blackmail or fear of being made homeless by a dirty sleaze bag.

Some landlords are the most meanest humans to work the face of this earth . Their moral compass is totally bankrupt. I will bluntly say a high percentage of this disgusting behaviour is very common with the “I face me, you face me” type of houses.

Its so heartbreaking when you read about incidents like this, knowing its real and the victims did not and still do not have support needed to process it.  Landlords in urban poor area are well known to have the trademark of sexually exploiting their tenants who default in rent payment, but to abuse a child of nine years, he should have being left to rot in hell.

This country has let down the citizens in such a pitiful way thats its so shameful when you read stuff like this and knowing most sex offenders always walk away with pat on their shoulders, while victims and young victims parents are made to feel like its their fault.

Coming together to make a change in the ways and manners incidents like this are dealt with should be our collective responsibility. enough of us standing afar and saying its non of our business or thank goodness its not my daughter, stark reality is, it could be yours tomorrow, oh yes it could be!


  1. It could happen to anyone. No child is spared both male and female and both the rich and poor. we need to raise a voice in unison against this odds in our society.
    It’s really heartbreaking!

  2. The way this offenders are arrested and let off after settling leaves a sour taste in ones mouth. Only God knows how many children lives have being destroyed

  3. satanic landlord sleep with a girl of 9yrs girl was arrested and bail with #50 too bad. he should have been charged for rape and sentence jail. this a disgrace to woman. let come together and fight violence rape and abuse against women.

  4. Law of karma will definitely catch up with this so called landlord,because your tenants was unable pay his rent you feel to pay him back is by sleeping with his 9years old daughter and he has been arrested and was bailed for #50 all because they are not important personal or well known person in the society that why they took the case just like that.
    I blame our country first because we are corrupt and lawless people.
    Women mothers ladies let’s put our hands and fight against domestic violence and child abuse.
    Save a soul today.
    I stand for peace.thanks