SATIRICAL: How The Confident Woman Is Seen And Judged

SATIRICAL: How The Confident Woman Is Seen And Judged


Photographer krundysheva in expressing how society at times see and view the female gender, with the use of strong and powerful images, she vividly brought to life how independent women are seen and judged.

  She addressed the issue of strong independent women getting judged and the criticism faced by women folk, irrespective of how successful they turn out  to be, In a series of powerful images she shared on facebook. Each picture captures the strength 0f a woman and why she’s been labelled as witch in our modern day society.

These days being confident automatically translates into being a ‘bitch’ and in a powerful satirical photo series, photographer Victoria Krundysheva addresses this very issue.

Krundysheva uploaded the images to her Facebook page, with what she calls a manual to ‘spot a witch’. She writes, “We all know we live in a world full of evil. And how can we, righteous souls protect ourselves from the biggest of them – women with opinion, or as we like to call them –

#1  “Witch is often looking confident and not afraid of her sexuality, she will wear bright colours and attract”

#2 “They are peculiar and may not behave in a usual feminine fashion. The easiest way – throw something disgusting on them – if they are not afraid – you have found a witch.”

#3″ You can spot them with a book or attempting to have intellectual conversations…what an abomination.”

#4 “You need to know – they don’t drown, so be on lookout for women who even after you threw them in the water and pushed them under are still emerging, stronger than before.”

#5 Witches are often free minded and free spirited – these are the most dangerous kinds – they can’t be tamed and need to be instantly eradicated.

#6 “They are not afraid of darkness and are readily facing fears – they think it makes them stronger…nut that’s because they are evil themselves.”

#7 “They stick to each other and support each other…it’s easy to detect because we all know there is no such thing as female friendship.”

#8 “They voice their opinion out loud…like women can have one…”

Continuing, she said,“Have you ever been called a Bitch? I have. When standing up for myself, straightforward and unafraid. When making my way and being boss. When being my own person and living by my own rules. “

She’s started a campaign called, #CallMeβitch to connect all strong women out there.

PhotoCredit:krundysheva i