She Saw Her Mother Humiliated and Terrorised For Years, Her Diary

She Saw Her Mother Humiliated and Terrorised For Years, Her Diary


People asking why she didn’t just leave…I’m a first-hand witness of domestic abuse. I grew in a family where my mum isn’t allowed to visit family members, she doesn’t even have a phone, my dad used to come home drunk (he still does) and beat her senseless. He would pour urine on her, send her out of the house in the middle of the night, even when she was nursing the fourth child. I used to hate her because she didnt just walk away and leave him. She couldnt buy a thing for herself, because my father would question where she got it from, even though her provision business was doing well. To worsen it, she’s born again, she can’t leave her husband.

The abuse has reduced from physical and verbal to only verbal, because myself and my younger brother defend her, now that we are older.
She had to give birth to 7 kids because after she had the 3rd child, she started family planning behind him. He disagreed, now he has 7 kids he can’t cater for.
I can go on and on.
My mother is a shadow of herself, looking older than her age. I still ask her why she can’t still leave.
All I’m doing is a bid to get successful and get a place of myself to she can live with me.
About leaving an abusive marriage, its more than you can understand.
I hope women in such situations have the courage to do so…”




You cannot read this comment / Story and continue as normal. This is one of the most touching comment left on our website by a visitor. You could almost visibly touch the pain of this young woman. we salute your courage.

The kind of abuse women have had to go through and are still going through in the name of marriage and for the sake of their children is quite scary.

I struggle daily to make sense of why a fellow being just because you are stronger than this other person will now choose to purposely make their life a misery. How do any man go to bed at night after abusing not just a random woman but your wife and the mother of your children

Advice from unbrokenchord to the lady that left the above as a comment is to please get in touch with organisation that shelter abused women, don’t put all of this burden on your young shoulders alone. you can contact us and we will support you with all needed information.

Domestic violence is a cankerworm eating deep into the women folks, it’s a pandemic!!