Saying A Wrong Relationship, Does Not Necessarily Mean Your Partner Is Wrong.

Saying A Wrong Relationship, Does Not Necessarily Mean Your Partner Is Wrong.


Love as a relationship is beautiful when one learns and applies the dynamics very well.

This generation seems to have no idea what the actual meaning of love is and how to maintain relationships. In relationships, when problem arises, we are tempted to give up easily because there is always someone new to meet – as our generation has mastered the act of ‘fake likes’, about our pictures on social media and how many people we have relations with rather than to build our own lasting relationships. Things seems to be normal these days with the help of smartphone. Living a “hookups “life can be fun for a while, but aren’t lasting connections more important and life fulfilling?


Just imagine waking up beside someone who calls us beautiful or handsome every morning and is willing to support us through everything we ever dreamed of. To have someone who will listen to all the random weird thoughts in our brain, hugs us when tears run down our face, be there when no one else is, who knows us better than anyone else. Isn’t these more appealing and much gratifying?

Relationships are amazing, but it is hard to understand why people of today push themselves away. Studies have proven that human beings are created for relationship or to say companionship. Relationship does not ruin ones’ freedom. It may happen that way, only when we are in the wrong relationships.

Saying a wrong relationship, does not necessarily mean your partner is wrong. We all must understand that, we are as sick and or as healthy as the person we are attracted to. So, in most cases, I prefer us looking at ourselves and making the necessary changes. Because, that is the only person we can change. It is through this that we will know how to start, keep and sustain lasting relationships and why we need to cherish them more than we do today.

Knowing there is always that one person there who will listen to us. When Having a bad day or need to rant about that annoying someone, that someone is always there with an understanding heart and a welcoming attitude to listen, talking about anything and everything you want for hours and not noticing the time; seeing from their face they are listening and enjoying it.

Having a teammate for life who is not critical or judgmental, but cheeky and fun to be around. it comes as a soothing balm to our very soul when living in our scary world today where one virtually fight for what is rightfully theirs. Go through studies, scout for job opportunities, paying bills, etc. Having a special someone by your side throughout these turmoil without the fear of being alone, having fun and being ourselves, trying to grow up and not feel stupid when you mess up – that is something worth working tirelessly for.



Always having someone to support us, no matter what we are going through, we know that that person will always be there with us through it all. Through your sickness, stress and strain, financial strains, and other misfortunes, we know we always have our partner to love us anyways.

No matter what life brings, we will never have to worry about them leaving us in the cold, thus, making our lives richer and better. Making us want to be a better person. With all our flaws, complimenting each other together at being better people, a strong unit.

We still work to change for the better, because they inspire us to be better – at least for them. To help us to be a more trusting person, changing things about ourselves for the better and because we want to. They don’t force us to change, they just give us a reason to.

When we finally have that person who makes us feel wanted, loved and special. Finding that special person after wondering around, doubting if love does exist, nothing feels more complete when we finally find that one person who makes our lives meaningful,

Having someone love you this much might seem impossible, but I assure you it is the most amazing thing in the world. Relationships takes a lot of work on both side to be made beautiful when you find the right person.

Get off social media, looking for “hookups” For that is the ‘’take-away’’ and disposable arena. I am not saying getting someone through the social media is not possible or not right. But, the probability of it been right is very minimal.

According to Ann Landers, Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding. There is mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowance for human weaknesses.

Always know that relationships get stronger when both sides are willing to understand mistakes and forgive each other.


By Maame Adwoa Chellaesther, for Unbroken Chords

(Undergraduate Business Administration, Kesben University College, Kutunase – Ashanti Ghana)