See animals facing Extinction. You might not get a chance to see...

See animals facing Extinction. You might not get a chance to see them again


As Humans continue to invade natural reserves and sites all in the name of civilization, with the current issue of global warming extremities on the rise, it has been survival of the fittest like no other for animals in the wild.

Population of some animal species, not only in the wild but in reserves across the world, have fallen drastically over the past decades.

Animal population of some animal species in the world, have hit a worrisome 60 units for an entire specie. These species are either endangered, threatened, or almost extinct.

The following animals are the top species which are being threatened by extinction both in the wild and reserves across the world today.

1. Slender-billed curlew – less than 50 left

2. Javan rhino – 60 left


3. Amur leopard – 70 left

4. Malayan tiger – 250-340 left

5. Iberian lynx – 404 left

6. Mountain gorilla – less than 790 left

7. Yangtze finless porpoise – 1,000 to 1,800 left

8. Sumatran elephant – 2,400 to 2,800 left

9. Hawksbill turtle – around 8,000 nesting adult females left

10. Sumatra orangutan – 14,613 left