Shattering The Silence Around Domestic Violence

Shattering The Silence Around Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence is currently on the rise in Nigeria, as more an more personalities especially with popular stars like Mercy Aigbe, Tonto Dike, Anita Johnson recently coming out to speak on their experiences on domestic Violence.

Most Domestic Violence cases are thrown out the window in court due to lack of existing evidence but a new bill which will soon be passed into law in Oklahoma City, will allow Cities and countries to have a specialised court just for Domestic Violence Cases.

Okhaloma city, ranks Number one in regions against Domestic Violence and Abuse.

This development is aimed at making persecution of abusers easier. The court would make protective  Orders and Custody issues easier for the Victim as Justice would be served swiftly and effectively.

Most domestic Violence Victims choose to remain in a relationshp with their abusers for the fear that if they leave they just might loose custody of her children if her case doesn’t stand in court as they have to go through different sessions in different courts fighting for justice. This Ordeal is very rigorous and most victims don’t see it through to the end, but with the introduction of this new court, they (victims) would have to be heared by just one judge in one court so as to reduse any stress in the process.

This kind of Advancement should be introduced in Nigeria and all round the world as it would facilitate the persecution of abusers and cub Domestic Violence.