Silver, The New Colour In Fashion Trend

Silver, The New Colour In Fashion Trend


Silver and silver cream seems to be the new colour on the red carpet walk for celebrities.

I have always loved the colour shade silver, though black is my favourite colour of all time, some school of thought say black is  the safest option when on a special outing, i do understand why it’s thought so, let’s be honest you hardly ever get it wrong with black

In That  same light i think silver is now creeping in to be the new black, recently every time I open a fashion magazine or go online, I see loads of dresses in this beautiful colour, a colour I have always thought a winer.

Silver is a winning colour any day any time, just like black, you don’t get conflicted when you get to accessorising.

Now to the most beautiful thing i like about silver, it suits all colour, it just blends with whatever skin tone you  are, this is where the silver comes first before black colour, silver colour instantly radiates your colour once you wear it.

It could silver silk, silver satin or just silver, it’s more beautiful and dreamy like when it comes in cream shade like colour, it just instantly softens your feature.

It blends with with any shade of make- up you choose, see photos of celebrities wearing shades of this colour  in the recently Amfar awards night.