“Sister, Sister” American TV Show Hopes To Make A TV Comeback

“Sister, Sister” American TV Show Hopes To Make A TV Comeback


Today, all our dreams may be about to come true because, as Nylon reports, a “Sister, Sister” reboot could be in the works.

With all our favorite TV shows making comebacks, the favorite comedy TV show, “Sister, Sister” has decided to join the trend hence have decided to revive the love from the fans.

Sounding pretty positive about the possibility, one of the twins, Tia Landry goes on to state “We’re moving forward, we’re taking those strides” as she made a statement as regards their comeback regardless of the odds.

“Sister, Sister” followed the lives of identical twins Tamera Campbell and Tia Landry, who reunite in a shopping mall after being separated at birth and adopted by different parents.

While Tia was adopted by a stylist called Lisa, Tamera was adopted by a businessman called Ray. To make sure they were never separated again, the whole gang moved in together providing the perfect setting for some hilarious sitcom antics.

No news so far has been released further about their potential reboot, however fans should anticipate ‘Sister Sister’ as much as every other newly released movie is being anticipated.

Can’t remember the show? Allow us to give your memory a jolt as you watch the video below.

-Jephthah Idogbo For UnbrokenChords