He Sleeps With Anything In Skirts, Am So frustrated! Please Advice

He Sleeps With Anything In Skirts, Am So frustrated! Please Advice


Am a lady of 22years of age and with one baby. I have known the father of my child for 7years now but we have not talk about marriage yet because he is paying my fees in the nursing school.

For seven years now he has been cheating massively on me of which he doesn’t show signs of regret if I catch him cheating.The least opportunity any lady gives him, no matter the lady’s status, married or single, he would have sex with her.

He is seeing me through my education and there are no family members to support me and therefore makes me adjust to his situation.

Am really going through a lot and I now want to end it all and let it go.

Am working now and can see myself through my education but the problem is, if I leave with the child he is not going to take responsibilities and I cannot leave her behind, and can’t add hers to mine since my work is not that much good to take two responsibilities. What do I do?

To be cheated on, male or female is not a good experience.

Some school of thought put cheating down to be part of emotional abuse, especially when it’s a repeated cycle. It leaves unseen scars in your heart, the scars that are forever bleeding. There need for women and men  to understand the effects of repeated cheating.

Some men tend to think its no big deal, so long they don’t bring the woman / women home. while others think the woman at home should count herself as the lucky one hence she’s the missus.

A question to all men, how would you feel if your wife sleeps with anything in boxers..?

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  1. My advice is to leave him, he thinks because he is paying your fees he can treat you any how, please take your child with you, God will provide

  2. Dear sister,taking a bold step to leave the man is the ultimate decision.mind u ,u cant leave ur child behind that will be a very bad decision.As you have said u have what your doing now u can leave with your child or take her to a relative to put up with till ur firm on ur feet.Nevertheless keep praying and stay strong u shall overcome.love u.

  3. Sweetheart, Pls take a walk. No matter how difficult it might be without the extra funds coming from him, one thing is sure, at the end of the day, you’ll be fine. If you are scared of finances, you can hold on till you are through with nursing school and then leave him. Some will say you are a betrayer for doing that, but you have paid back his kindness by enduring tons of emotional abuse from him. Don’t make the mistake of marrying him.

  4. The best advice you can give us the one you give to yourself.
    I can’t advice you to leave your baby behind because he or she is your family member you got so.you just have to leave the relationship because I can not call it marriage he doesn’t love you a single bit if he does he will not treat you these way at all just work and and take good care of yourself and that of your baby and you will see good men out there who will love and respect you for who you are and not what you are. Just take a bold step and leave that relationship and start a new life.thanks

  5. From your narration it seems you met this guy at age 15, I also gather that you are not married to this guy? Are your parents alive? Do you have any close relatives, because you will need their support at this time.

    Although people do change, I won’t advise you to stay in that relationship. You can support your child with the little you have even if it means stopping school for the moment. While working, look for something else that can bring in additional income to help support you and your child. Women get abused and trapped when they depend on a man for everything they need. Come out of that ‘trap’! You are still very young and will have an opportunity to complete your education but for now make your child your priority!

    Staying in that relationship could degenerate from emotional abuse to even physical. You also run the risk of being infected by an incurable disease, all for what? Support?? Nah….please l leave asap! Finally, look for Organisations that support young people like you who are looking to redirect their lives, am sure you will find a few. All the best!

  6. It’s a shame he is doing this ! But don’t be hasty to leave him . Have you called you at midnight in bed and tell him how you feel ? Tell him about the risk of STD such as HIV and what it would mean for him and you ! You make sure you run a test and don’t have sex with him until he runs his tests and after then you can agree on what to do going forward . As a guys who was raised by a single mum , it’s not the best as your daughter needs her father at some point . So keep calm , talk with him , run your tests for STD and he should do the same . I hope he results are fine and only then you can both agree on how thre relationship should continue . U can send me ur number privately and I can call you and speak with you ‘

  7. It’s obvious, u need to walk out now u can. Please God who gave u that child will provide for u and her.. Just go before u get sick
    There’s nothing too small for God believe in him and take that bold step then relax everything will take shape.
    Stay bless and happy easter

  8. Clearly the man dont value u, he dont regard u at all. So ur option right now should be how to leave him you said u hv a job now, u can fend for only ursef now. Good thing you got the job, get away from him now with ur daughter, find a way to manage with ur daughter d little u earning now. With time you will stabilize. But then again, is up to u. Question is: what do u really want?

  9. Since the man us giving u problem.. My advice for is to live the man and b focus. Pray to God for your rightful man and have Faith.

  10. well my advice is for u to take it to the alter of prayers where all solution are met and above all he has not even marry you yet so dear sister run as your leg can carry u. God that give ur that child will also help u to cater for her. just believe and put ur trust in God. men will fail but God never fails

  11. I don’t really know how much you love this man…….. Leaving him might be a bad idea, you never thought of leaving when you had no work, and I don’t think it should be a good idea for you to leave. Knowing fully well you have a child for him.. Try using his friends and pastor and family members to talk to him.. And equally pray for him, and then make sure you are not the one making him do what he does to you… Women……

  12. Pls I got married to my husband for almost three years and we have a child.he ask me to help with money during our wedding and engagement so we took a loan but with my name to help but after the marriage he continues says I paid to marry him.and after our marriage I saw that he is a serious drinks acohol.he womonizer ,he smoke and he thus not respect me,when u offend him he will never forgives u.when he thus smtin and u catch him he will deniel,he liars.he is not looking after our child.he came and beg for us to come back home after throwing our things out but he is doing the same things ,I don’t know what to do.

  13. This will be published for the public to advice you on.Please check for update on this daily, thanks.

  14. I’ve always had it in mind that if my man sleeps with someone, I mean just one, I’ll forgive him and make him promise not to do it but if it becomes repeatedly, I’m sorry, there is no love there anymore.

    I know you truly love him, but consider the risk of him infecting you with diseases and more so, this isn’t right. Let it go!
    If he loves you enough, he won’t look elsewhere no matter how charming the other ladies are and most importantly, take his case to the Lord in prayer.

  15. Girl my advice will to ask wisdom from God and He will tell what step to take. This man is destroying you mentally and emotionally. Commit your life to God, take a bold step and leave with your baby. You’re afraid you cannot make it on your own but with God by your side, you’ll be better off.

  16. hmmn okay, firstly, i think why he doesn’t show concern about how you feel about this is because he has you on a leash. Thats Lesson 1 to every woman out there -never be 100% dependent on a man, hence/otherwise he sees you as property he can use as he pleases. furthermore you said you got a job but can’t take care of your child? well then seek help from your family. see, humans are different from other animals becuz of many things which include our brain, GOD gave us a highly developed frontal lobe for intelligence. Everybody has bad habits now its up to us to use our frontal lobe to control ourselves or else we are no different from dogs or other animals. a dog can only be controlled by a leash. if you cant control ur man then cut him loose, i think you can relate this to something Jesus said in the bible. leave him and run with your kid, you and your kid deserve better

  17. Well,for me I am going to make my comment Base what I believed in,I am a Muslim and anything sex before marriage is forbidden and even the Bible also condemned it.
    First of all you must believe in one ness of God and live that thing and see if your life will not turn around with your believed in God.
    That man is taking advantage of you because he has study you and see you to be a lazy mama,it’s only God that can solve your problem, I have see a single Mama with three children but they are surviving and the children are going to school easy.

  18. I will advice to you breakup with him and leave with your child since u have a job because he does not love you. try to cut your expenses down and manage and pray to GOD for Devin provision. If not so don’t be surprise one day he will leave you.