Soldiers Brutalize Woman. Wicked And Babaric!!…Are they not meant to protect us…?

Soldiers Brutalize Woman. Wicked And Babaric!!…Are they not meant to protect us…?


Few days back 
this lady in the pictures was throughly beaten up soldiers of the 174 Battalion Ikorodu lagos. I am not going to start by saying what this lady did wrong or did not do wrong.

There is just no moral justification for any act like this, this is a total abuse of power and blatant disregard for the rule of law. being a soldier does not place you
above the others.

Some of this soldiers need to be retrained as soon as possible. the military needs over hauling. this type of occurrence seems to be like a normality. i think its time Nigeria senior military personnel look into this. its not doing any justice to the image of the military and Nigeria as country.


Why, as if there is ever going to be anyreasonwhy any human being should ever be treated this way, man or woman, especially by the people responsible of keeping us and our country safe

reason for this, she challenged a soldier for slapping her brother. why would a soldier slap a civilian in the first instance. its so frightening to see how some military personnel treat civilians, its almost come across like they are trained to beat and  continually harrass their fellow country people.


The gentleman above who posted this images said what every average Nigerian would say. The Nigerian  army should be called to order by the responsible authority. This kind of attitude does not do the army any good.


  1. the so call military man is an animal in human skin. how u beat a woman blue black. wickedness in the high places may GOD help us oooooo. is high time we women stand up and fight back to stop domestic violence stop the abuse of woman.

  2. you pple that are desiminating de rumour do you get confirmation of de incident?if yes,do u hear from d soldiars reason of d molestation.citizens should have to respect army dem sacrifice dem life cos of u while some of us disgracing dem.

  3. GBasi, I am very sure you are a soldier to say this, what part of the animal planet are you from, even animals will not do this. What reason if I may ask to beat a woman like this, you must be the most ignorant fool on the face of this earth. It’s animal men like you that gives good men bad image.

  4. A solider or police officer is there to defend and protect the people not to abuse the power they have. A soldier will loose the respect of the people if they are unable to control themselves . It’s the soldier in question who has disrespected his fellow soldiers.