Some Chibok girls are refusing to come home

Some Chibok girls are refusing to come home


According to sahara reporters, some of the chibok girls abducted  in 2014 are refusing to be freed.

This is coming from mediator and lawyer, Zannah Mustapha, the 57-yer old lawyer was very invovled in the negotiation that saw 82 abducted chibok girls released last week.

concern on why they are refusing to return is, they might have being radicalised or who knows, perhaps they got used to the life they were forced to live when they were abducted more than 3 years ago.

Zannah Mustapha said “some girls refused to return, i have never talked to one of the girls about their reason”.

The girls went  through a lot and those yet to be freed, the victims stories to tell one day. We don’t really know how much damage this is caused them, they went through a very traumatic experience.

The day the abduction took place was meant to be a normal day, like any other day. What then happened that day, the young girls will never forget. The event of that day will forever shape their lives.

We are all different, our ways of dealing with trauma is never the same. They need to be asked  why they are refusing to come home to loved ones.” The were taken as girls, they returning as women”…..said BBC news reporter.

Some might have lost identity of who they were before the abduction. Radicalisation might not be the factor here, it might be reaction from the psychological effect of the ordeal.