South African Women Celebrate the arrest of alleged ‘RAPIST’ Pastor Tim Omotoso

South African Women Celebrate the arrest of alleged ‘RAPIST’ Pastor Tim Omotoso


Like the sayIng goes “there is no place for the wicked”. No amount of how we try to hid our sin,  one day it will surely catch up with us, because God is not a respecter of any man, whether being a pastor or just a member of a church congregation or just another man on the street

Recently, a group of South African women hit the street celebrating in front of a Magistrate Court in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, where Nigerian prophet, Tim Omotoso, is set to be arraigned following his arrest yesterday.

According to report, the controversial Nigerian pastor resident in Durban, South Africa, was declared wanted by the country’s police following allegations that he sexually abused about 30 girls in his home who said they were allured by the Man of God.

Sources revealed that the self-professed prophet handpicked the girls and instructed them to live in his home, where he had unprotected sex with them.

Speaking with the press, the Police Spokesperson, Lt-Col Robert Netshiunda, said the ‘Nigerian cleric deactivated all the phones linked to him’

“We are investigating the matter and we will only lay charges after getting him,” Netshiunda said.

However, the pastor has so far being arrested by a team of officers in Port Elizabeth.

Now, a group of women protesters are gathered outside the court, chanting, demanding that the cleric should not be released on bail.

What kind of devil would have possessed a man of God to carry out such an act. A lot of clergy man are out there taking advantage of the female members of their churches. This women who have become vulnerable all because they believe in the man they see as their spiritual father or should I rather say sexually ‘predator father’

In my own case, Tim Omotoso should not go unpunished. He cannot hid under the name of being a pastor to committ such an act that is been condemned my the same Bible he carry’s about, the same Bible he uses to deceive his church members.

.I very hope this case will not be compromised. The voice that speak for thee abused are few. Hoping this will not be swept under the carpet once the furore dies down, as with many others.

God, please save us all from those disguised as men of God, committing havoc behind closed curtains.

By Kadiri Manfred


  1. hmmmm,this issue of sexual abuse with men of God is really getting out of hand. how can a man of God sexually abuse 30 girls….God help us.

  2. He shouldn’t be called a man of God he is a devil in human form.may God have mercy on his soul because he has been hiding on the umbrella of being a pastor and also raping his church members. Justice shall prevail and he really need to be dealt with.
    Say no to domestic violence and abuse. Thanks