My Step-Brother Sexually Abused Me From Age Eight..Diary of a teenage Girl

My Step-Brother Sexually Abused Me From Age Eight..Diary of a teenage Girl


Hmmm… Mine started when I was eight years old. My step brother who was very older than me started touching me, it was scary, I still remember like it as yesterday, I was very little.

we do sleep in same room, at night I do sometimes see him touching himself and didn’t know or had a clue to what was going or what he was doing, I was always scared.

Then he started touching me, ensuring to threaten me not to say anything, this continued for a very long time, I was leaving in fear of him, I could not tell anybody as he always threatened me. I became very withdrawn and unhappy.

When I was thirteen years, he came to me as he usually does, only this time he was not only touching me, he came on top of me and started forcing his penis into me, it was very painful. I did not understand what he was trying to do then, but I was very scared, crying and begging him to stop, asking him why he was doing this to me.

I was crying and kept asking him why he was doing this to me, if he could not get another girl outside, he told me if a mango was growing in a compound and it gets ripe, the owner was the first to admire and eat it

I felt devastated, he moved out from our place, but I still could not say anything.

I became unhappy and did not trust any boy around me, then there was a guy who lived in my area, one day he called me into his house, I went thinking he wanted to send me on normal errands, he brought out a bunch of money, gave it to me and told me to sleep with him, it was sad and at the same time frightened.


Though he did not force himself on me, it only added to my sense of low esteem.  It brought back memories of all I went through from age eight in the hands of my step brother.

All this now made me to just start dating, as I could not trust all the guys around me, as they only want to sleep with me, this are people that were supposed to guide and protect me, but all they seem interested in was to sleep with me.

I started dating hoping it will make me safe. It took me a long time to heal. it gave me inferiority complex issue, I always could not talk were others were talking, I felt used and betrayed, I hated him.

I still struggle to make sense of what happened to me, there are days I don’t remember a single thing, there are days it all comes back to me, I just go into this dark place wishing it never happened to me.

I have never really spoken about my experience much, this is the second time I am sharing this. I am sharing this today hoping it will help a young girl understand and know better.

I have read some stories here about it happening to other girls, it gave me a form of relief to know am not the only one who has gone through this kind of ordeal.

“Although till today you are the second person am sharing this with aside from a friend of mine”(Thanks for trusting me enough to share this and for giving unbrokenchords the permission to share this on our platform)

Yeah, am still growing though it but most times its very tough

The thing is, no matter how much I seem to move forward, those words never seem to erase themselves from my mind….

This words..”if a mango was growing in a compound and it gets ripe, the owner was the first to admire and eat it”…..


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  1. The memories never fade away and even when we try to hide it, it is always there staring into our face and mocking us.
    The unnoticed pain leaves us struggling with our fears and emotions and we wish they never stole our innocence away threatening us of things unknown.

    This perverseness can stop in a way if we all open up and make other young girls going through this that nothing will harm them if they open up.

    May the pain heal up and our soul renewed with the hope of true and divine love, one that is void of threats or fears.

    I’m glad you were bold enough to talk about it.

  2. Thanks for the share at least we all should learn and mostly our parents should learn too.,because if you and your parents especially your mum had a closed relationship she would have noticed something is wrong somewhere and take quick action about it,for your step bro he will definitely get what he had done…is not a curse but just nemesis.
    Parents please train up a child in the way he or she should grow and when he is old he will not depart from the lord,wr are not saying we are perfect but at least for once we should have time for our children, he has created a memories in her and only God knows if she can forget it because us easily to forgive but it’s hard to forget let’s try and lay good foundation for our children. Thanks
    I stand for peace.thanks

  3. Mmmm God is the only one who will save we d young ones from the hands of the heartless and wicked men.

  4. I nearly fell victim to rapist but all thanks to God who saved me frm dere hands… I really wonder why ppl take drastic actions without thinking abt d consequences…thank u for sharing dis story, d lord will give u a strong heart to push through

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  7. I feel your pain…I went through a similar ordeal from family members as well…At some point what helped me through was the thought that maybe they didn’t mean to hurt me…maybe they did it just for pleasure.. maybe it was all just. Mistake…it’s hard to get through these things…it’s affected my love life…sometimes the way my partner will hold me may bring back these bad memories…but I have learnt to know the difference…I have learnt to love myself (and still learning)….Keep ur head up…..u r beautiful!

  8. Comment:Hmm.. i dont knw how to start my own story.. infact am always nt a happy girl and always wishing dat de past didnt happen at all…

  9. Dear Melody, you can start from anywhere you like, the most important thing is to get it out…yes we all wish the past did not happen but it did..we must not let it define us..we need and have to start talking about it #shatterthesilence