A StepFather Did This To A StepSon For Buying Him Bread Instead...

A StepFather Did This To A StepSon For Buying Him Bread Instead Of Cigarette



The story was shared on a social media platform by brcinigeria.

“I don’t know what to say, too many strange happenings in Nigeria,  people are sad with their existence and lash out at others at the slightest provocation.

This supposedly happened in Calabar,  when a step father sent his son Emmanuel to get him bread.  For forgetting and buying bread instead of the cigarette,  he inflicted a deep cut in his fore arm using  a machete . The little is getting treated at the General Hospital Calabar.

I definitely hope he’s prosecuted for this.

The way and manner innocent and vulnerable children are abused in Nigeria is so scary. its almost like it’s an acceptable norm. The government seriously need to put severe measure in place and safeguarding procedure procedure, this will help to investigate concerns about any child that could possibly be experiencing abuse.

There should be government employed foster parents who once a child like this is found to be in a abusive home will immediately be  removed and  taken to one of the foster home/parents for safety and wellbeing.

It’s really appalling the way children are treated, especially by stepmothers and stepfathers, the worst of it all, is how some so called ‘madams maltreat and abuse their housemaids.

The blood of so many innocent children killed are crying out from the grave, enough please!

People need to know or learn how to manage their anger, stop pouring your frustration on others simply because you can.

This man ought be registered in offenders register and never allowed to work or be with any child unsupervised.

I ask again, are we too poor to have a  check system that keep  records individuals like this… and the mother of this child is stii with the man right…