DIARIES: “Once I Stop Sleeping With My Son, Our Wealth Will Vanish...

DIARIES: “Once I Stop Sleeping With My Son, Our Wealth Will Vanish And He Will Die”

The love of money, they say, is the root of all evil. 52-year-old Banda Yvonne has learnt that in the worst possible way as she has been forced to do the unspeakable in a bid to preserve her son’s wealth.
The woman from Ndola, Zambia opened up about being forced to have sexual intercourse with her son in order to maintain his riches and keep him alive.
According to Yvonne, she and her son, Abel have been having sex every Wednesday for the past 14 years, and the day she stops, the boy will not only lose his wealth but will also die mysteriously.
Yvonne confessed to ZambiaWatchDog that she is the main backbone of her son’s success as she offers him sex once every week as instructed by the ‘witch doctor’ he got his riches from.
Tired of the abominable act, Yvonne had gone to church for confession and prayers but for fear that her son will lose his wealth and die painfully, she continued the sexual relationship.
“I have been sleeping with my son, Abel since 2002 when he started his transportation business which has grown tremendously and he now owns a fleet of trucks, buses and other small cars.
“We have sex every Wednesday and we do it at my house where the charm was buried. The price is that, once I stop sleeping with him, all our hard earned wealth will vanish in thin air and my son will die a very painful death.”
We are quite sure Yvonne is not alone in this as many others have had to make unthinkable sacrifices just to acquire wealth. May God help them.