Her Story My Dear Friend…..Yes She Wanted Me To Tell It As...

Her Story My Dear Friend…..Yes She Wanted Me To Tell It As Told By Her….


She said her father abuses her mother daily, she said she was born  into it and as a child it affected her views about men and she didn’t want to get married at all.

Two to three months incidents as narrated by her( this below narration are only what happened within three months,

First one : her father used an iron bucket to hit her mom on her head, because she spoke back at him when he was shouting at therefore no just reason.

Second, there was a day when she asked for money for food money and that turned into a reason to fight her, he used his belt on her, dragged her by her hair outside and almost threw her down from the building (they live in a storey building ).

Thirdly she said there was a night her father was actually wanting to have sex with her mom, seems the mom declined and the next thing she heard was a loud slap on her mothers face, punches raining down on her body, while at the same time he was shouting, saying he married her and has a right over her body when and how he wants it. She saw her father forcefully sex her mom,….

Then fourthly, her father had an argument with her over the fees of her younger brothers, in the heat of the moment, her father carried the hot water jug that was plugged on the table, and poured the water on her, causing serious damage to the side of her face, her chest and even almost touched her breast.

this is a timeline for only three months. I had to ask the following question

Unbroken chords; is your friends mum still with him?

OK, her mom left the marriage after much talk from my friend.

Her response was quite alarming, so to say this woman went through this violent abuse for years, it only took the daughter growing up to support her from this abusive situation.

“Plus even before then she was responsible for her younger ones and herself”

Here is not only an abusive man but a man who could not take care of his children, not only did the daughter  had to witness countless times the mum was abused by the dad, she also had to take responsibility for the younger ones. Society wonder why some girls turn out in certain way. Glad she’s married and settled now.

“Yes, he poured d water on my friend in 2014”

Yes, according to her, she said it was a nightmare, took her time to heal but it all made her hate her father more.

Unbroken chords wish her all the best, glad she’s found peace.


  1. this a very sad story, I can no imagine my self been treated badly by one bastard man that called him self my husband or the father of my children I will still be with him. my fellow woman pls and pls when any man that call him self your husband and is treating you like a slave pls and pls run away from him and don’t ever look back the Bible says we be an help mate to our husbands not a slave.