Strangled And Stabbed By The Man She Calls ‘Husband’

Strangled And Stabbed By The Man She Calls ‘Husband’


“She is a hardworking woman. She has a big shop in bariga area and even the car her husband drives was bought by her” says one of the neighbours.

Yet, the threats to her life and thorough beatings by her husband have been going on for years! To the point that on two occasions, she was mercilessly beaten up while nursing two months and seven month’s pregnancy respectively.,of course she wasn’t beaten up by criminals, nor armed robbers, it was at the hands of none other than her ‘dearly beloved husband’.

This is the sad story of Mrs Grace Araoyinbo, who was not too long ago stabbed on several parts of her body by her husband – Mr Toluwalase Araoyinbo.

The incident according to Saturday Sun happened at 16 Mafowoku Street, in Akoka area of Lagos metropolis.

Perhaps one of the most remarkable thing about this story is that the wife Mrs Grace is the bread winner of the family. Yet that didn’t save her from being a victim of marital abuse. And if being the chief provider in the home would not at least save a woman from dehumanization at the hands of the same man to whom she’s providing for, then you begin to fear for the lives of women in this country.

On that fateful night, Mr Toluwalase strangulated, and stabbed his wife with sharp objects, also made attempts to kill her. She screamed so loud and ran out all bloodied up. She was rushed to the hospital and the matter reported to Bariga Police station. But her husband ran away before the police could get to the scene.

“Mrs Grace has been going through domestic violence for over five years, we just pray she gets justice this time”. says another neighbor.

Well, we also pray she does. I mean, this could easily have been a murder case you know.

But we can’t stop drumming it, He is NOT worth your life…No man is. That marriage you are trying to protect at all means and possibility, by continuing to remain in a deadly union is NOT worth your life.

Leave while you still breathe!