Student Committed Suicide By Drinking The Deadly ‘Sniper’

Student Committed Suicide By Drinking The Deadly ‘Sniper’


A Lagos State Polytechnic student by name Damilola Adegoke  allegedly committed suicide days after sharing words of encouragement via her social media account.

The deceased we gathered took her own life by drinking  Sniper. Although the details are still sketchy, it was reported that the mum of the deceased came back home on Tuesday to find her daughter lying lifeless on the floor with an insecticide by her.

Friends of the deceased had took to social media to share express sadness over her death, she was foundly called Dami by friends and family.

Note: when  we hear about someone committing suicide, people reaction come mixed, some are angry at the victim, some are full of question, some get  judgmental and so on. what we never stop to ask is ‘did this person really wanted to die?

Depression is one of the most undiagnosed illness in Africa-Nigeria. One of the reason why churches thrive in Nigeria is because most depressed people find solace in God’s house, you find out that the most effective way we Africans, especially Nigerians deal with depression is counselling through counselling outlets in various churches.

Many a time , it gets too much for some to handle or cope with and they end up committing suicide. WhY would a young girl take her own life other than she was troubled, troubled to the point that her vision of what is real and what is not became muddled, too muddled for her to find her path back to reality that she had to find a way out.

It was reported she shared a motivational post shortly before she committed suicide, sadly that was her, her cry for help.

May her soul rest in peace