Tea And Coffee, All You Need To Know

Tea And Coffee, All You Need To Know


So Tea or coffee, this is one question that keeps popping up especially when we deviate to the health benefits of it. Tea has always been regarded as one of the healthiest drinks around, unlike coffee which for a time was even regarded as carcinogenic only later to be ruled out as harmful and even proven to be helpful in preventing colon cancer from coming back after treatment.

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, the first being water, and beer coming up 3rd. Make no mistake though, coffee is really popular as some boasts that it acts as a drug of some sort or energy boost.

Deviating from health and moving a little upstream to the general overlook of both coffee and tea, to get a precise breakdown of which has more benefits over the other, I would compare different factors which both beverages possess to find out the better.

  • Taste

Most folks make up their mind on whether to go for coffee or tea just based on the taste alone.

Coffee which comes in different blends and from different parts of the world, appears somewhat bitter and harsh most times. This taste might not appeal to many who are not on the coffee side already.

Tea on the other hand, especially ones from tea leaves are easier to ingest and have a lesser acidic value so doesn’t really upset your stomach much.


Irrespective of the drink you prefer, it is not advisable to add many unnatural sugars and sweeteners to your drink, you are better off going with a beverage you can tolerate with little or no sweeteners.

Tea clearly wins this round, but let’s move on to more comparisons.

  • Caffeine Content

Caffeine acts as an adenosine blocker and thereby cuts off signals which tell your brain that it’s time for the body to rest.

It’s also a good source of getting energy. It’s because of this reason that most people take coffee or tea in the morning before kicking off the day.

Coffee has about twice more caffeine than Tea and this is actually kind of addictive to some people. Even though both contain Caffeine, the effect on the body takes two separate paths.

Coffee due to its high caffeine content quickly gives you that burst of energy and vitality you need to start the day, well there is a con to it though; the energy burst is short spent and then leaves you with that woozy feeling.

Tea on the other hand, has a milder effect because evidently it has lees caffeine and also Tea contains an amino acid called L-theanine, which actually reduces the absorbtion rate of caffeine into the body. It also has the ability to stimulate  a neurotransmitter in the brain called GABA  which has anti-anxiety effects. This puts you in a relaxed state and improved brain function.

There’s actually no winner here, it all boils down to the situation the beverages are to be used in. For example if you require to stay awake without doing any mental work later on, then Coffee is your drink, but for a student who needs to study and write a test the next day your best bet should be tea.

  • Sleep Quality

Okay I won’t over stress this one. Caffeine actually affects the human body longer than most people think.

After about 3 to 7 hours you might not feel all fired up anymore but that doesn’t mean the caffeine is totally out of your system. Caffeine can make you hyper and disrupt a good nice sleep.

Just in case you are thinking of grabbing that cup of tea or coffee before bed then you’ve got to stop yourself if you want a good night rest. The best call any coffee or Tea drinker can make is cutting off your tea or coffee at least 7 hours to bed time.

Coffee no doubt has more effect here disrupting sleep than tea due to its high caffeine content.

  • Other Benefits


  1. Decreases Inflammation
  2. Improves insulin sensibility
  3. Reduces risk of getting cancer
  4. Kills Mouth Bacteria
  5. Decreases risk of Heart Disease
  6. Potentially prevents Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease


  1. Helps with depression
  2. Reduces risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
  3. Potentially reduces the risk of Liver and colorectal cancers
  4. Protects the liver from Cirrhosis
  5. Nutritious
  6. Reduces risk of Type-2 diabetes


In factual sense, there is no really a good and bad one, it’s not about which one you take but how and when you take them.

Tea though slightly milder can prove strong in vitalizing you in the long run although the effects kick in slowly but leaves you vitalized for the rest of your day.

Coffee is good for that emergency task you need to keep yourself sharp for.

Learn what’s better for you and what you do and stick to it.

-Igbokah Elijah For UnbrokenChords