Horror Of My Libya Journey To Europe: Lady Narrates Her Ordeal

Horror Of My Libya Journey To Europe: Lady Narrates Her Ordeal


Too many lives of young African youths lost daily in the quest for greener pastures. They live home in high expectation of bettering their lives, unknown to them what awaits them are best told in horror movies. The journey through Libya to gain access to the nearest European countries is what millions of Africans have undertaken, damning all the consequence and glaring dangers.

 The most at risk are always the women, innocent and naive young girls who have being brain washed and sold a fairytale ending, if only they know what awaits them, the danger they will be put through and exposed to. Not all who embark on this journey make it to destination.

Those who manage to get to their destination, end up in prostitution.  Some are gang-raped on their way,  some get pregnant with no claim to a father for  their baby and some who are not so lucky, end up dead.

 Beauty John 22 year-old Edo lady narrates her Libya ordeal . and how she was later caught by security agents while trying to cross over into Italy illegally and she got locked up in a Libyan prisons.

Speaking to Vanguard, she said;

“One of my Aunts, who stays in Italy, visited Benin and told some of us to come over, promising to help us secure jobs. Five of us made up our minds to go, but at the end, I was the only one who could raise money for the trip.  On July 11, 2016, some other male friends and I left Benin for Sokoto State, through the desert. We got to Libya a week after and stayed somewhere in preparation for the trip to Italy by sea. Unfortunately, we were caught by some security agents. After profiling us, we were taken to a cell in the desert, where I spent five months”

Beauty continued

“While in the cell, I discovered I was pregnant for my boyfriend, who lives in Benin. My experience in the desert cell could best be described as hell. Sometimes, we were given a slice of bread as breakfast and watery spaghetti for diner. No lunch”

“Some inmates I met in the cell died as a result of malnutrition and lack of proper medical care, while others lost their sight.”

“I also fell sick. That I gave birth and we are both alive today is a miracle. After giving birth, my baby cried for days without food, as my breasts were not bringing out milk. I was advised to put it in his mouth like that. I cried and regretted embarking on the journey. I thought my baby and I will die of starvation”

“Finally, help came my way when the Nigerian Ambassador to Libya visited the cell and asked if we would like to go back home. I am grateful to God that I am alive to share my story.”

Beauty survived, together with her baby. Many have know to have died on the journey through Libya.