The Women Begged To Be Whipped, Really?

The Women Begged To Be Whipped, Really?


Ethiopia a country located in the north of Africa. Ethiopia ‘s traditions and beliefs are ones the world might never understand. why such traditions and belief exist, i don’t know.

Unknown to the other parts of Africa and the world at large .A tribe in Ethiopia engages in a savagely cruel tradition where their women gets whipped as a display of sacrifices for their young men. whipped to the point their body bleeds.

During the ceremony which usually holds at Omo River Valley the young women beg for them to be whipped as a demonstration of their capacity to love. Love what I dare to ask?

The hammer tribe that engages in this  barbaric act, believes that the inflicted scars on the Women’s body during the ceremony goes a long way to demonstrate the woman’s capacity for love.They believe the women finds comfort and help from the scars when hardship falls in, really?

The women of the Hamar tribe are thoroughly whipped as a part of rite of passage ceremony for the boys when females declare their love for a man they love. The ceremony which is known as Ukuli was beautifully captured by photograher Jeremy. My question, how does being whipped transit to declaration fo love?

After the the barbaric rite of passage they believe a boy has become a man and can marry. A boy, but wait a minute, the woman got whipped, not the boy.

It was gathered that the women who are whipped are family members or relatives of the boy undertaking the rite. The women trumpet and sing to declare their love for the boys and for their desire to be whipped. In reality, the owmen are relative to the boy, they get whipped to make him become a boy.

The women bodies are butter coated to lessen the pain from the flogging by Maza, men who have gone through the rite of the passage themselvels.  As at the time of the ceremony, the men faces are painted, why are they painted, to disguise not to be known to the women they whip or?

Girls and women who are whipped proudly show off their scars as proof of their courage and  integrity, what a way to show integrity!

Hamar boys must undergo two rituals, circumcision and a leap over bulls to reach manhood which determines whether the boy is ready to transform from youth to manhood. The men leap over bulls while the women get whipped and whipped till their skins are broken, talk of tradition!

Ceremonially, about two hundred of Hamar indigenes participate in the savage ceremony.

One thing am quite sure of, none of this women would want to be whipped in a way you would not whip animals. The truth is they are victims of a tradition that ought to be outdated and forgotten many decades ago.

Its their country, their tradition, but the question here is, are the women willing participants or they are like ‘lambs led to the slaughter? This women are being openly humiliated and violently beaten and they call it tradition of passage of right?

By Pat A