The Things We Do For Love..Don’t Call Me Stupid, I Was Only...

The Things We Do For Love..Don’t Call Me Stupid, I Was Only Naive …ReeLTalk



So a few months had passed now (maybe something like 6 months) and everything was going well…well aside from a few issues we had been having in that time (these are stories for another time). Now this time I logged into FB as Antony and I had an argument, I cant remember what it was about but I know it made me angry and put me in a mood for mischief.

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Now ladies be honest, how many of us have had a disagreement with our other half and thought of ways to cause a little bit of trouble? Now I know that kind of attitude is petty and not healthy in a relationship, and not all females are so childish, but what can I say? I was around 17 at this age and still had some childish immature behaviours when it came to relationships, which I guess goes to show that I wasn’t ready to be in one yet! (now I can understand why our mothers always told us at that age to “leave boys alone and go and read our books!!!” lol).


So anyway, after this argument I actually decided , okay I’m going to add his ex on facebook…why?…simply because he told me not to *shrugs shoulders*. Yes I know it was a pointless thing to do, but I wanted to so I did it, and can laugh about it now. I’m typing this, I actually have gone back into my fb messages of 09 and I’m reading the messages between us and laughing out loud haha. Anyway, I added her and that was it until about a few days later when she messaged me saying

“do we no each other? not to be rude just asking…”

“Yeh Kl, Not really know each other, though you might know of me seeing as you added me a while ago, but umm yeh to be honest I just added you to cause a bit of trouble with Antony. I know it’s dumb and soz but yeh I won’t add you again.”

“lool you trouble maker, yeah I remember adding you before, not gonna lie I jus wanted to see your pics .. but its cool u can cause trouble with him ,I do it all the time.. lol….”

(By the way, this conversation happened all the way back in 2010, so forgive the grammar and spelling, I do not speak like this anymore I can assure you lol)

Now I just left it like that and didn’t message her back, like I said I only added her for the pointless reason of pissing Antony off, I didn’t actually have anything of interest to say to her and I was even surprised that she messaged me after seeing my friend request. Lo and behold, fast forward three days, and who do I see in my fb notifications again? Sarah. M, and she had sent me another message. This one read

“Babe did Antony call u yesterday?”

Followed by another message 4 hours after

“Babe can i have ur numba plz need to speak to u..”

Now as you can imagine, as soon as i read that message, alarm bells started ringing in my head and I knew that what she needed to speak to me about would not be good. In my angst, I did not call her straight away, I wanted to wait abit, I guess I was preparing myself for the worst. This was a Friday and the next day I went out to eat with some old friends, and because I was not far from where he lived, I called him to see if he wanted to meet up. He said okay, and when I met up with him later, he took me to a park and sat me down on a picnic table and said that we needed ‘to talk’. Hmm, uh-ohh… CLICK ON BELOW LINK FOR CONCLUDING PART….