Tonto Dike Children’s Day Party In Pictures

Tonto Dike Children’s Day Party In Pictures


Tonto Dike,  is one of the most selfless celebrity we have in Nigeria, call her cotroversal or anything but one fact is clear about her, she’s is a very giving person

Tonto Dike runs a charity foundation which care for less privileged children

She recently  hosted a party for these kids on Children’s day, bring joy and lots of fun their way on a day that is specially dedicated to celebrating the children.

There is no denying from this photos the children had a great time with the presence of the nolly wood actress, who recently was caught in a messy separation from her husband and father of her child. To see the Nollywood actress put all of that behind to a lovely mayday party for the beautiful children her foundation supports is worth commending.


Well done Tonto, together we can make the society a better place.

Check the photos out.