Tonto Dikeh Opens Up On Her Marriage: “My Husband Humiliated Me So...

Tonto Dikeh Opens Up On Her Marriage: “My Husband Humiliated Me So Much”


Nigerian actress, Tonto Dikeh has finally opened up concerning her crashed marriage to Churchill Olakunle Oladunni. Tonto who got married to Churchill in Port Harcourt ,Rivers state, on Saturday August 8, 2015 took to the media recently to confirm the rumors that she was physically abused by Churchill, she also confirms that her husband did sleep with one Rosy Meurer who is also an actress at some point. She further claimed that she ran to the Nigerian embassy in Ghana one time without her clothes after Churchill beat her up.

In an exclusive interview with Mediaroomhub TV, the mother-of-one revealed some things about her life with her estranged husband.

While granting the interview, the Nollywood actress broke down in tears over the humiliations she claimed to have suffered at the hands of her husband, and she even had proof.

She said she is not taking back her words because it is not a lie but she won’t promote it.

“I will not go ahead and embarrass my husband in that manner even if I have. I will like that to just end” she further said.

She however opened up on the domestic violence she suffered in her marriage.

“The domestic violence is real. It’s real. How I lived to suffer it and go through it over and over again I do not understand.

“A lot of people have blamed me. A lot of people have said a lot of things. I have read a lot of things. I stayed back in my marriage not because of my child but because I believe you cannot be abused or you cannot leave a child where there is abuse and you claim you are doing it for your child. No. I stayed because I was doing it for myself. I stayed because I loved my husband with all of my heart.

“I stayed because he had begged me to stay a couple of times. I stayed because I didn’t just want to give up. I didn’t want to give up on the marriage just like that. People change” said Tonto Dikeh in the video interview.

She claimed that Oladunni Churchill brought in pastors after he beat her up but that didn’t too much because he never owned up to his faults.

“Anytime something like this happens, my husband comes up with a pastor who is always in the house the next day or two days later who is begging, who is doing stuff. Yes but we have never had a real counselling” revealed the actress.

Tonto And Churchill

She also debunked the rumour that her mother-in-law caught her smoking and that she pushed her down. She claimed those things never happened.

“That is a lie from the devil. I am close to my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law has never ever seen me smoke. There are times when I am really, really sick. ‘Mum if you are watching you know this is true. There are times you have even offered me panadol. There are so many times you have offered me drugs that would have made my body better but I didn’t take because I knew I was chest feeding’” said the actress. She was very emotional during this period in the interview.

“Every time my mother-in-law came to me and I was sick ‘I would tell her no mum I don’t want to take Panadol’, as little as Panadol, as little as Alabakun, as little as anything that would make me get my strength back. I would tell her U don’t want to take it. I didn’t know what it would do to my child” she further said.

Tonto Dikeh said she never laid hands on her husband’s mother. “My mother-in-law has never ever, and I am saying this with God put in this, that she has never ever caught me smoking. I did not push my my mother-in-law down”.

The actress also revealed that because of the allegations of drugs made against her, she takes a drug test every month.

“Someone came out to associate me with drugs as a mother; that hurt me so much because no one sees how good of a mother I am. Nobody knows the sacrifices I have made for my son. I have a file at home, I do a drug test almost every month and I write a letter to my son and I put it”

Tonto’s drug test result

She also claimed Churchill has kids from other women and she doesn’t know about it.

Tonto said, “My son is not the first child my husband has. And that was one of the major concerns in my marriage, in the early part of it because he lied to me about not having a child”

“He even lied to me about not being married. I did not know he was married until the day they posted the picture of the wedding. He didn’t tell me he had a child. He always lied about it. I don’t know how I found out but I did find out.

“Recently two women have contacted me that they have children for my husband but I cannot verify it.

“One of them said her child is 9 months old. The other said her child is 2 years but I cannot verify it just like I can’t verify the gay claims on him.

She added that her husband abandoned her because of Rosaline

“I am aware of her. I am aware that she is sleeping with my husband. I am aware that my husband is taking care of her. I am also aware that she is the reason that my husband abandoned his son and me for close to two months just before the Big Foundation thing we did in December” disclosed Tonto Dikeh in the interview.

Tonto added “This interview is not meant to discredit my husband or rather my ex-husband in anyway. It’s not to bring him down. It’s not to make people hate him. It is not to throw dirt on him.

“If there’s anything I am doing this for, is so that he can be a better man and like I said so somebody somewhere would be able to learn from this from what I am going through”

Watch the full interview below.